How Tony Petrello Encourages Philanthropy At Nabor Industries

When a disaster strikes a community you can easily tell which companies actually care about it and which ones are just solely dedicated to making a profit. This was the case in August 2017 in Houston, Texas, when Hurricane Harvey roared in from the Gulf of Mexico and destroyed entire areas in the region. Some companies immediately started to help in the aftermath, such as The Houston Food Bank and H-E-B. Another one where the company and employees did their best to help those that were affected was Nabors Industries.

The employees that work for Nabors Industries are often helping out in charitable ways. This can include helping out with their time and money when it comes to fundraisers and community projects. This type of behavior is part of the culture of Nabors Industries that Chief Executive Officer Tony Petrello has fostered at Nabor Industries. After Hurricane Katrina blew through the area he let everyone at the company know that they could take paid time off so that they could help those who were in need. He also declared that his company would match all of the money they raised to support the victims, which turned out to be $173,622.


In the past, Tony Petrello has had Nabor Industries support many other charitable endeavors. They have financially supported national nonprofit organizations such as Bike MS and the Susan G. Komen Foundation which fights against breast cancer. He also set up the Nabors Charitable Foundation. Over the years this foundation has give more than $3 million in scholarship money to support the education of both its employees and their children.

Another cause that is personally very important to Tony Petrello is childhood neurological disorders. He and his wife, Cynthia, have a daughter that was born when just 24 weeks old. She has cerebral palsy due to this so Tony and Cynthia have seen firsthand how hard it is for children with neurological orders to develop. Due to this the couple gave $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital so that more research could be conducted into childhood neurological disorders.

As a graduate of Yale University, Tony Petrello had one professor that served as a mentor to him, Professor Serge Lang. In order to honor him when he recently died, Petrello donated $150,000 to an endowment fund. One many other people also donated in this way Petrello donated an additional $150,000 in order to match their donations.

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Michael Lacey: Brief Biography

This article will give a biography about Michael Lacey. He is a Mathematician from America. He was born in 1959 on the date of September 26. For college, in 1987, he went to the University of Illinois at Urbana, and went under the guidance of Walter Phillip.

Lacey created his own thesis while attending the school. It was in the field of probability in Banach spaces. With that he solved a problem which was in relation to the law of the iterated logarithm for empirical characteristic functions.

In the interceding years the work he has done has explored the areas of ergodic theory, probability, and above all harmonic analysis.

He then in 1989 for seven years worked at Indiana University. When he was there he got a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship. In the middle of the incumbency of the fellowship he started a study of the bilinear Hilbert transform. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

This transform has been at the moment of a subject of a conjecture solved by Alberto Calderon and was fully solved in 1996 by Christoph Thiele and Lacey. They were both awarded the Salem Prize.

Lacey later joined the faculty of Georgia Tech. This occurred in the year 1996. Since that time his research has been identified by many awards. Examples, to name a few are the Simons and Guggenheim Foundations. In his job, he mentors those who are Pre-doctoral students and Doctoral students. Also, most of his expertise can be found in the field of pure mathematics.

There is even more to what Lacey has done. He also had directed training grants. Some grants he has trained were the MCTP and VIRGE which are from the NSF.

Those achievements have helped many undergraduates, postdocs, and graduate students as well.

He has greatly guided undergraduates who ended up leading graduate programs. The PhD students went on to industry and academic jobs as well. In total, he mentored over ten postdocs.

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The Effect that Fashion Can Have on People and How Fabletics is Expanding Horizons

Fashion is such a hot topic for many people. The interesting thing about fashion is that it is not for the faint of heart. People that are rather cowardly and unwilling to step outside of convention are the ones that are not going to make that much progress in their lives in many cases. There seems to be tons of restrictions put on fashion. While a lot of the restrictions are thrown at men’s fashion, there are also quite a bit of restrictions put on women’s fashion, especially in the active wear section. This can leave people in such a frustrating position when it comes to figuring out the next outfit.

Many people are afraid of stepping outside of the norm and taking risks for many different reasons. One of the reasons is that they are scared of ridicule or other reactions of people when they bother to take the risk. There are so many reasons behind the fear. One example is the fear of wearing certain clothes because of size and shape. However, when people step outside of convention in fashion, they are often met with approval and even admiration. The only challenge is finding a store that enables people to step outside of convention.

Fortunately, there is Fabletics which sells ‘athleisure’ clothing. Fabletics was started by celebrity and fashion expert Kate Hudson. Her intention was to help people find their own style with active wear. Her purpose was also to make it easier for women to find great looking clothing even if they do not have the same body type or size as others.

One thing that makes Fabletics stand out from all of the other fashion businesses is that the company likes to fill the gaps in the fashion industry. Larger women are mostly ignored in fashion. Fabletics addresses the larger group of women with its body positive initiative. Therefore, women will be able to enjoy the fashion and styles that they see the more fit women wearing even though they may be larger. Good looks and great styles do not have to be so restrictive. The best way for a person to look good is for him to express herself with fashion.

Which Mistakes to Avoid When You Install Wainscoting in Your Home

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More than a century after they were first used, wall panel wainscoting solutions are still excellent interior ideas. The intention today is not so much to insulate and protect walls – although wainscots serve such purposes too. The main idea is to decorate walls and give an architectural interest. So, wainscoting must be installed properly. If not, your intentions are canceled.

What’s tricky here is that you must pay attention to what you choose and how you proceed even before wainscoting installation. Although you can now find ready-to-install wainscoting panels, you must remember that nothing is easy with such tasks.

Wainscoting installation: 6 mistakes to avoid 


  • Buying any panel off the shelf

You think any modern wainscoting will look good on your wall. Scratch that out. There are different things to consider before you buy a new panel.

There is a reason why there are wood, MDF, PVC or even metal panels on the market. Each one serves a different purpose – and not just aesthetically. Yes, the material will define the room’s style. But how about resistance? Will you want an MDF wall panel in your bathroom?

The point is to fulfill your wall decoration dreams without taking chances. And with an unsuitable panel in a wet environment, you will be taking chances should there is a water damage.

And then it has to do with style. A classic wainscoting in a contemporary house might look as if it doesn’t belong there – out of place. 




  • Forgetting the size issue

The size of your flat panel depends mainly on ceiling height. The safest way to get the right size is to measure the wall and divide it by three. That’s if you want 1/3 wall panels. But it the wall is extra high, you might cover half the wall or go ahead and cover the entire wall. The size issue is often overlooked or mistakes are made. The problem is that an oversized board might make the room look stuffy. Interior designers recommend keeping the wainscoting height rather lower instead of higher on the wall.

  • Missing to identify construction particularities

Don’t forget that no matter which wainscoting you choose, it’s going to follow the path of your wall horizontally. And it might come across obstructions. Not all rooms are structured the same way. There might be a couple of stairs, windows, columns, or uneven parts. And that brings us to another common mistake many people do.

  • Measuring right

Before you go out shopping for a new raised panel wainscoting, you must measure well the room. You must know the width and length but also write down any particularities – semi-columns, windows, etc. In other words, you must have a thorough layout of the room in order to find the right wainscoting. If you plan to cut the boards on your own, pay attention to details. You will need to cut the boards at corners, doors, etc.




  • Considering the baseboard and chair rail

Don’t forget that the traditional way to install a beadboard would include a chair rail. The size of these trims is important too. So, when you measure the wall and hence the panel, don’t forget to include these moldings to your calculations. Alex Mouldings offered modern wainscoting designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

  • Forgetting to end the molding properly

And then it’s the question of how to end the molding. People often make a mistake when the board along with the chair rail end to a door casing. They often cover it canceling the purpose of having a door casing in the first place. Your wall boards must end before the door casing in order for both the walls and openings to look swell.

  • Which other problems you might encounter? 

If there is already a beadboard wainscoting installed, you must remove it. This is not easy to do. You will need proper tools and plenty of patience so that you won’t ruin the wall.

And then you must prepare the wall before you install a new wainscot. You must make marks in order to install every single piece of board – from baseboards and shoe moldings to the actual panel and the chair rail.

If you want to install a shaker or another wainscoting profile alone, you must be very precise in your measurements and cutting but also careful when choosing the new panels. Don’t forget that there is always the option of getting a pro to do the job for you and offer consultation.

Since wainscots are great wall décor add-ons, you want the task to succeed. And more often than not, we should leave such job to the experts. In either case, you should devote some time to take the right decisions in order to have elegant and long lasting results.

Boraie Development: Revitalizing New Brunswick’s Housing Market One Development at a Time

The housing market has seen significant improvements since the crash in 2008. We have seen mortgage rates drop to historic lows in 2016 that have continued into 2017, to the point where there is now a housing shortage. According to a recent article published by Bloomberg, all across the country the supply of housing falls short of the demand, with many homeowners holding off putting their houses on the market hoping that their homes will appreciate in value. This trend is felt in all markets but especially in New Jersey where housing prices were already quite high.

To meet the demands of the housing shortage, new developments are being built. New Jersey in particular is seeing a boom of new apartments that are close to public transit. As millennials become more entrenched in the global economy, they are slowly moving out of the renting space and into the home ownership space. Having the option of public transportation nearby is a deal breaker for many in younger generations. Philly Push also points to the increasing employment and decreasing mortgage rates as likely signs that the housing market will continue to improve.

One particular development company is dedicated to solving the housing shortage in New Jersey. On their website,, it is noted that Boraie Development offers several different types of services including real estate development, property management and sales and marketing. Boraie Development surrounds itself with only the best, be it the financial institution providing the financing or the architect putting their dreams into reality.

At the helm of every great business is a great leader, and Omar Boraie is the great leader behind Boraie Development. As NJBIZ points out, Omar Boraie has had an eye for real estate for several years. After completing a new luxury apartment building in New Brunswick, NJ Omar Boraie recalled all the people who turned up their noses at the opportunity to develop the once struggling city. Omar was able to see the great potential in New Brunswick and has worked tirelessly for the past several decades to make his vision complete.

Although Omar has had an immeasurable impact on the city of New Brunswick, he is the first to give credit to others who have helped in the revitalization. He points to the Johnson & Johnson company for staying in town, the mayor and Rutgers University, among others, who all came together and created a vision for their beloved city. You will be hard pressed to find a more trusted name in New Brunswick than Boraie.

The Only Stamp You Need With Gold

Purity: Our Own Stamp Of Approval

The way purity is shown in gold bars is interesting.

Gold distributors often mark their bullion items with a stamp. Since gold can be melted down, it can also cooled off. These products are then stamped with a certified emblem as its temperature decreases. The mark left on these products are known by every nation that issues gold and bullion items.

You don’t have to run a test on items branded like this. All you do is find a reputable agency who can offer items with real stamps of approval. You can start with the U.S. Money Reserve and get an example of what real bullion products are. This is a great place to start and offers you secure gold.

There’s Nothing Like The Real Thing

Just remember that you won’t be satisfied with anything but real precious metals. All you have to do is succeed in one purchase, and you’ll know the difference for life. Without this knowledge, you’re stranded. The advantage you have is by starting with the U.S. Money Reserve. Read more: US Money Reserve | Buiilt in Austin and US Money Reserve | Crunchbase

The stamp of approval that the agency offers is a clear testimony to the quality you have before you buy. You’ll need to know that what you’re getting is the real deal. Verification starts with the right agency. Every approval stamp gives you a basic idea of what you’re working with and who. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Once you get the product at your doorstep, you’ll experience a sense of authenticity like never before.

Just Be Sure To Get The Ego In Check

Our advice is to not get carried away.

Precious metals are outstanding investments; they have a tendency to attract and lure. This sense of attraction can be described as an impulse. It’s healthy in most cases but can also lead you to over romanticize what you invest in. Keeping a balanced mindset is a path with the most security in it.

Precaution begins with keeping the ego in check. There’s a great deal of fun to have. There’s also a realistic risk when gold is invested in in the wrong manner. Working with a reputable agency helps in tremendous ways. That’s why the U.S. Reserve holds you to the highest standards.

There’s so much you can accomplish today.

Is The Academy of Art University The Real Deal When It Comes To Fashion

Fashion is everywhere, whether if it’s in person, on television or in magazines. Reason being is because everyone wants to look good. The industry is very large and there are too many fashions brands to list. For the up and coming talent as well as the veterans, New York Fashion Week is the cream of the crop when it comes to displaying the coming year’s fashion. This grand event pulls in people by the thousands, and it goes on for a full week. Hundreds of individuals get a chance to display their stuff in front of a packed audience at Skylight Clarkson Square. Any and everyone who’s into fashion are generally present at one of the events. These short 15 minutes of runway time can provide the limelight for novice designers, which can literally change their lives overnight.

The Academy of Art made its appearance yet again, and it left a great impression amongst the crowd of attendants. This school provided at least five womenswear and two menswear fashion collections. To add insult to injury, there was a special collaboration to get the crowd into a frenzy. This is what fashion in general is all about. Ms. J Alexander from “America’s Next Top Model” graced the showcase with her presence as well as CFDA’a Director of Education Sara Kozlowski. The event was a hit for sure just like it always has been. Former students for the Academy of Art University showcased their upcoming attire. Hailun Zhou, Jayne Foster, Dina Marie Lam and Eden Slezin were present and were a part of the show.

Is the Academy of Art University the real deal? You bet it is. The school has a long list of successful students who are making a name for themselves. This school offers accredited undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees and certificates and that’s a fact.

The Inspiration of Lori Senecal

After graduating from college, Lori Senecal turned everything she touched to a success and joined the employment world. She has the keen ability to leave top businesses and organizations in a better condition than when she joined them. Her devotion to bringing out the very best in companies and people has made her popular among employers. The life of Lori Senecal is a unique and inspiring success story.

In 2003 she launched TAG – a marketing unit built and designed for young adults. Lori is loaded with account experience and boasts a substantial quantity of expertise in data analytics. She has served as Coca Cola’s International Accountant Director. Since October of the year 2005 until 2008, she functioned DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. in the position of a Chief Marketing Officer.

According to GCReport, as International CEO of CP+B, Lori has made a tremendous effect on both the company and culture. She has created a truly modern worldwide agency that’s collaborative, agile and innovative by offering consistency with the market. She has been awarded many accolades throughout her career because of her tenacity and perfectionist outlook. Lori has been listed on AdWeek’s Power 100 List for two years running. They recognize the top leaders in tech, advertising, and media. Quick Company honored Lori as a leader in revolutionizing the future of business, resulting in her place on the Most Creative People in Business list.

Besides leadership, Lori Senecal has always focused on her work. She is a specialist in strategy and integrated marketing. Also, she is brilliant when wielding brand architecture due to her knowledge in E- commerce. She’s an expert in providing direction to create and actualize new small business ideas. As she continues to pursue her career, Lori strives to inspire workers to invent. Her life has been a wave of consistent innovation.

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The American Institute Of Architects Is Helping People And Communities

The American Institute of Architects is an independent organization located in Washington, D.C. This organization exists solely to assist the public in all relations concerning architecture.

In recent years, the American Institute of Architects has been known for the numerous scholarships given out in the course of a year. These scholarships are awarded to students who keep a certain grade average, do amazing works in the community, or have no funds to go to college. These scholarships, however, can only be used for colleges, universities, or trade schools that have architecture as a major. More and more scholarships are created every year because America has seen a decline in architects. The American Institute of Architects wants to keep architecture from becoming another dying art.

In addition to sending people to school, the American Institute of Architects helps graduates of architect programs find stable jobs. Graduates can call, write, or email the institute. It only takes a few days for the institute to locate jobs for graduates. These jobs can be on salary on a one-time project, but graduates will know this before they take the job.

The American Institute of Architects is additionally in the business of rebuilding communities. Communities demolished by a natural disaster is their first priority. The institute has grant writers on staff who will write letters to the local and national government to attempt to get money to rebuild the community. When the institute takes on this type of project, they use hundreds of workers. This helps speed up the rebuilding process.

The American Institute for Architects even has fundraisers for non-profit organizations in Washington, D.C. and other places around America. These fundraisers come in the form of projects being built or employees standing in traffic collecting money. Non-profit organizations interested the institute having a fundraiser for them should contact the institute ASAP. The institute receives request every single day from organizations in need of a fundraiser. Though they cannot help every organization that knocks on their door, the institute does their best to help as many organizations as possible. To date, the American Institute of Architects is credited for raising in total over 10 million dollars for various non-profit organizations.

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How Bridget Scarr Creates Ideas for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Content, and Interactive Exhibition Projects

Bridget Scarr is an entrepreneur, author, songwriter, and creative producer. She holds the CEO position for a creative production company called Colibri Studios. Scarr’s creations extend across platforms such as augmented reality, digital content, virtual reality and interactive exhibition. They have also resonated with many people on emotional and intellectual levels.


Work experience


Bridget made a name for herself in the television broadcasting, advertising, and animation realms. She spent over 15 years of her professional career as an executive producer. Her responsibilities involved creative and technical production output of small to large teams and creative development. Her production work also involved factual entertainment programming, spanning drama, lifestyle, children’s animation and entertainment.


Colibri Studios was created based on Scarr’s experience as an executive producer. She had the ambition to focus her career on bringing ideas to life. She believes that TV programming limited her creative abilities. Today, Bridget Scarr uses Colibri Studios as a platform for bringing her ideas to reality. She achieves this goal by collaborating with creative individuals, international broadcasters and project partners.


Bridget Scarr as a writer


In her writings, Scarr advises people to use technology to their advantage. She believes that technology enables people to lead better lives. She recommends people to read a book that is titled “Destressifying: The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfilment, and Peace of Mind.” This is because the book shades light on how we can understand and deal with stress.



Scarr’s advice to entrepreneurs


As she was new to the business world, Bridget Scarr encountered several challenges. For instance, a business venture that she had nurtured for eight years collapsed. She did not lose hope since she was confident that new opportunities would emerge. Through meditation, she managed to heal and get back to entrepreneurship. Her advice to established and upcoming business owners is that they should not be devastated by the challenges that come on their way. However, they should use meditation as a way of coping with life.


Scarr’s thoughts on emerging trends


Bridget Scarr is fascinated by how artificial and virtual reality are being used in the modern world to facilitate learning. She believes that these innovations create limitless possibilities that have never been witnessed in the past. Scarr is also enthusiastic about technology. When developing augmented and virtual reality projects, she pays close attention to how the projects can create a certain reality for the users. Her initial procedures for conceptualizing an idea involve understanding how much work will be needed and its feasibility.


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