Three Strategies That Made It Possible For EOS Lip Balm Take Over The Market In Less Than A Decade

Evolution of Smooth, EOS, is the company that produces and sells the EOS lip balm. Though it entered the beauty market seven years ago; the EOS lip balm has grown to be the country’s second largest firm in the niche, after Burt Bees. Currently, it sells a million units weekly. Here are three factors that made this startup company rise rapidly in the market in less than a decade.

  1. Human-oriented design.

After learning from a Wal-Mart research that more women than men use lip balms, they chose to design for women. The women said they needed something they could easily retrieve from their purses. The orb shape of the EOS lip balm was, therefore, to distinguish it from the other objects commonly carried in a purse. Most importantly, women did not find pleasure in applying lip balms. So the EOS lip balm was designed to satisfy the senses by adding smells, colors, flavors, clicking sounds (when being closed) and shape.

  1. Investing in their Machinery

EOS Company decided to invest in their machinery. The three starters figured out that not depending on third party manufacturers would allow them to scale up quickly. They managed to build an almost entirely automated production facility. Besides, becoming more competitive, the company also succeeded in meeting the demands of their new customers quickly.

  1. The proper target group and marketing style

The EOS lip balm chose the style conscious millennial women as their targeted customers. They then employed the influencer marketing technique besides other traditional ways to reach out to them. They sought reviews from beauty bloggers on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram and endorsements by millennial celebrities. Today it has nearly 9 million followers on the social platform. For more info, visit

Richard Mishaan Design Reveals Their Key to a Well Designed Room

When it comes to decorating the interior of your home, just how much thought are you putting into the project? No matter how much you think about the way you decorate, you probably don’t put nearly as much thought as these designers. For the 45th straight years some of the best designers and architects in the world descended upon New York in order to put their personal touches on a gorgeous and elaborate townhouse. This time the townhouse was built by Charles Platt for a cool $27 million. While you won’t be designing anything that large in your life, probably, you could still use some of their helpful tips!


As it turns out there are some pretty basic design rules that men in particularly feel obliged to break. While there are no cardinal sins in the realm of interior design, designer Neal Beckstedt has a pretty common problem: “Most men don’t use color, as they think masculine spaces need to be white, black, and gray.” Beckstedt is a New York City designer who designed a French sitting room within the Platt building. Hear that men? Don’t be afraid to incorporate color the next time you are put in charge of designing a room, you’ll be better off because of it.


The next designer on our list is Richard Mishaan of Richard Mishaan Design. For him, homes are supposed to be a place where you go to be comfortable. They are supposed to be a representation of where you’ve been and who you have become. As a result, Mishaan firmly believes that you should be willing to show off some of your hidden treasures. Don’t feel like you have to hide all of those neat collectibles that you’ve gotten while traveling around the country or even the globe. Sure, sometimes they won’t match your theme but they’ll always be a great conversation starter and they’ll add personality to your room.


Richard Mishaan ( has always been a fan of pushing the limit and that’s particularly important in New York City. In the Big Apple you tend to see the same trends take over block after block. Following Mishaan’s second book, ‘Artfully Modern’, you can find your way to a chic and upscale living space.

Villains of Anime: Who’s the Most Evil?


Anime gives us the chance to escape within different worlds for as long or as short as we want. Some anime make this a light hearted, comical, and fun experience. Other anime will try to wear you down with its dark and dreary tone. While we all know that Goku is the biggest hero in the world of anime, we can’t all agree on who the biggest villain is. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Listed below you’ll find our three greatest anime villains!


Frieza – Dragonball Z

Perhaps it was the time in our life, being that DBZ was our first popular anime, but Frieza has to exist near the top of our list. Frieza came to fame in Dragonball Z as one of Goku’s biggest first tests. Frieza was the first villain to really make us think, “Oh no — Goku can’t get it done.”


Johan Liebert – Monster

If you like your villains to be chillingly realistic then there is nobody better (or worse) than Johan Liebert. Liebert is the star villain in ‘Monster’ and one of the most fleshed out baddies of all time. Johan doesn’t have superpowers in the traditional sense. He’s charismatic, intelligent, and completely sociopathic. He’s able to get people to murder and die for him. He’s a realistic monster and that’s horrifying.


Light – Death Note

Sometimes the best dark anime villains are the ones we know most intimately. Light is the lead villain in ‘Death Note’ and he is definitely one of the darkest characters we’ve ever watched. He’s able to kill with the flick of his wrist and he’s absolutely convinced he’s doing it for the right reason.

Benefits Of No-Poo Shampoo With Wen By Chaz

Cleansing conditioners without lather are becoming increasingly popular among thousands of women around the world as an organic hair care solution. Their hypoallergenic products don’t contain any harsh chemicals and protects the natural luster of your hair. Removing dirt and protecting the organic oil contained in your hair is another amazing benefit of using cleansing conditioners. You have the benefits of all-natural ingredients that give you hair maximum shine and a high level of protection against styling tools and extreme weather conditions. Get superior healthy hair in under a week with the benefits of using a no-poo shampoo, cruelty-free product.

Wen by Chaz provides a unique blend of eleven essential amino acids along with the benefits of vitamin C and E extracts. They penetrate deep within the hair follicles to give your hair life and promote healthy growth with the removal of dirt and excess particles from your hair, during your daily activities. Their creator and CEO, Chaz Dean, is committed to quality ingredients and reasonably priced products that encourage stronger longer hair. Wen by Chaz products tell you exactly how much to use for your hair type by having the correct amount for your hair clearly listed on the outside of the container.

They also offer their customers one of a kind aromatherapy products that have unique scents. Immerse your hair in a wonderful fragrance that provides superior protection with Wen by Chaz hair products. Get amazing scents like Mandarin, coconut, and milk for your hair care needs. Thousands of women are choosing their hair care products over other leading hair care brands. You’ll have the confidence that you need with your hair to win over that special blind date or take on that job interview. You’re encouraged to visit the Wen by Chaz website on for more details today.

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The Interesting Life Of Doe Deere, The Founder Of Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a popular cosmetics company and the founder of the company is Doe Deere. She was born and raised in Russian before moving to America at the age of 17. She considers Russia as the place she spent her formative years. She also considered her formative years in New York City, which is where she lived from 1998 to 2012.


The entrepreneur spent a little bit of time residing in Manhattan before moving to Brooklyn for nine years. She said while she was in NYC, she was in a band. Another interesting fact is that Deere met her husband while she was a musician, and they were in a band together at one point.


Deere learnt a lot about marketing when she became a musician, and she has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, when she was 13-years-old, she had her first business selling temporary tattoos. She said she sold the tattoos to her classmates.


As for when Deere came up with the idea for Lime Crime, that was in 2008. She describes the time as a period when the super natural look as in and that was the area the makeup industry was focusing on. She said she couldn’t find bright colors anywhere, so she started to create them and then other girls started to gravitate to the colors. This is why the company became profitable and still remains profitable.


About Lime Crime

Lime Crime, founded in 2008, is known for their unique cosmetics products. The company is known for setting trends in the industry, as well as being certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA. This is one of the reasons the brand is popular among consumers around the globe.


The company’s products are available in select stores, but they can also be purchased directly from Lime Crime’s website. Lime Crime sells cosmetics products for the eyes, lips, hair, face and nails. They are constantly bringing in new products and they often have sales and bundles for their customers to take advantage of.


If you want to learn more about the company’s products, Lime Crime or Doe Deere, then visit the company’s website.


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How Lori Senecal has succeeded in the Advertising Business.

Lori Senecal is a business leader who is highly recognized in the creative and digital marketing sector. She has displayed excellent leadership skills and is currently the Crispin Porter & Bogusky’s global CEO. Her position makes her responsible for the global operations of the agency and its branches. She is also in charge of the coordination and administration of the nine offices of the firm.

Senecal’s career has grown over the years, and according to, she has had an opportunity to work for various companies as an administrator. She once served the McCann-Erickson Worldwide, Inc., which is one of the branches of Interpublic Group of Companies. Lori assisted the firm in founding TAG Ideation. The company majored in the young adults marketing. Her excellent performance enabled her to rise in the corporate world and was appointed by McCann Worldgroup to serve as the Chief Innovation Office. She was also chosen to act as the president of McCann, NY. Senecal held the office for two years and later moved to work as head of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal Partners. She was promoted to serve as the president and CEO of the firm after some of its administrators departed. Lori used her top position to develop and implement great corporate and human resource strategies that assisted the company to be on the list of agencies to watch. KBS was also recognized for being the best company in New York. The main clients that she assisted the firm in acquiring include American Express, BMW, TE Connectivity, and Victoria Secret.

Lori believes that her success has been facilitated by various women mentors that she worked with when she was at KBS. She is also determined to assist other women to be successful. Senecal was one of the mentors who was offered an opportunity to speak at the 3% Conference on YouTube. The primary aim of the conference is to increase the number of female creative directors from the current 3 percent to 11 percent. It assists in boosting the leadership and creative talents in women. During the conference, she spoke about how she has managed to be successful in her career. The advertisement guru has been offered various awards and honors due to her excellent career performance. They include Quantum Leap Award and the Game Changer Awards. In 2014, she was appreciated by Advertising Age, which named her as one of the “Women to Watch” in the industry.

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The DeVoses’ Place High Priority On Education Reform

Well known philanthropist Dick and Betsy DeVos have long received attention for their political affiliations and donations. As strong supporters of the republican party, the generous duo have made countless contributions to their cause, resulting in quite a bit of criticism. Though the light seems to shine bright in the area of political donations, there is an area that deserves much more attention. Aside from the couple’s strong support of the republican party, they have a significant amount of compassion for those in need. Together they have given more than $139 million in charitable donations, and has even landed a spot on Forbes’ “America’s Top Givers” list. Making it a family affair, both the DeVoses’ children and their grandfather, Rich DeVos, also made substantial charitable donations, totaling more than $104 million over the last few years.


Using their love for education as fuel, the dynamic duo set aside over $3 million for the cause. A reported 26% of charitable donations from the DeVoses’ are in support of education reform. Their belief is that all children are not afforded equal educational opportunities sparked the desire in them both, to change the world of education, making it accessible for all children. Their hope is to improve the system for educators, so that they are better able to effectively reach each child. Through their donations and contributions, they hope to achieve this goal.


Aside from their selfless efforts in reforming education, the DeVoses’ have also dedicated themselves to both promoting and encouraging diversity through Arts and Cultural exploration. In 2015 more than 20% of their charitable donations went towards arts management and arts organizations. While the DeVoses’ continue to receive criticism for their political affiliations, they are unwavering in their philanthropic contributions. Holding true to their values on family and education, they are determined to enhance the quality of life for those all over.

A look at Betsy DeVos’ charitable giving


How a little orb rolled into the lip balm scene and took over

EOS lip balms are as much of a staple in the beauty aisle as eyeliner. However, this was not always the case. Sanjiv Mehra, cofounder of EOS, and his team had set their sights on the lip balm industry after interviewing the public and doing market research.

Mehra found that women were the primary consumers of lip balm and had some qualms about the traditional balms that were available to them. Many complained of losing the tubes in their purses, and actually preferred the pot shaped balms that were available but felt that using their fingers to get the balm out of the pots was unsanitary.

EOS set out to make a product that was not only breaking the mold of the traditional tube balms, but was high quality and added a pleasant experience to the act of putting on balm. In order to do this, EOS focused on how their products would engage all five senses, not just taste and feel on the lips. They use organic ingredients and the slogan “The lip balm to make you smile” to garner a more emotional connection from their consumers.

Jonathan Teller and Mehra knew that part of the way they were going to be able to make a name with their huge competitors already filling in store shelves of Walmart was to keep as much of the production in house as possible and not rely on third parties. With this motivation, they proceeded to have machinists build their factory and make it almost completely automated, allowing EOS to pump out product faster.

Taking a different perspective on the lip balm industry, Teller and Mehra have made a huge name for themselves with EOS. EOS is currently second sales only losing out to Burt’s Bees. Focusing on the consumer and having product readily available has helped EOS find a permanent space on Target and drug store shelves.

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Marketing Innovator and Philanthropist Bob Reina’s Mission To Change The World

Not many people who leave their jobs to start a new business find success in entrepreneurship. It takes steady vision, determination, self-discipline, and a lot of hard work to do so, a formula that Bob Reina used religiously to establish the successful marketing startup, Talk Fusion.

Reina’s career has been characterized by a lot of twists and turns. He worked a number of different jobs while completing his degree at the University of South Florida. He eventually graduated top of his class from the police academy. Soon, Reina’s foray international entrepreneurship began when he became a part-time direct sales associate.

Bob Reina was able to transform this entrepreneurial desire into a fully fledged business in 2007. Friends and family did not initially agree with his choice to give up a steady paycheck to pursue an untested venture, but Reina eventually proved them wrong.

Talk Fusion is currently one of the top video email innovators in the industry today. Bob Reina was able to integrate his over 20 years of experience in direct marketing to create a veritable tech giant.

Reina’s philosophy of corporate and personal responsibility has become a huge part of Talk Fusion’s company DNA. The entire staff is motivated by this ethos to keep doing more to make a difference in their communities and help people.

And it all starts from the top: Reina is a celebrated philanthropist, donating more than one million dollars to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, working with animal shelters, and supporting orphanages across the borders. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

His Associates program at Talk Fusion is also an effective way of assisting people to achieve their personal and financial goals through sharing the company’s innovative video marketing products.

Reina recently started a program allowing Talk Fusion associated the chance to donate a free account to their chosen charities. This account is part of the Custom Monthly Plan and includes complete branding and customization. It also includes unlimited access to all of Talk Fusion’s video marketing solutions, such as video emails, newsletters, chats, and live meetings.

According to Crunchbase, Bob Reina’s vision is very simple: assist nonprofit organizations and charities throughout the world reach more people with their message. And each time an associate or affiliate in over 140 countries positively influences another person’s life, Reina’s influence spreads throughout the world.

Madison Street Capital Nominated for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

A press release on Benzinga announced that Madison Street Capital had been nominated for two categories in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Madison Street Capital reputation in the financial sector has considerably been boosted since the announcement.


M&A Advisor is an organization that monitors, analyzes, and recognizes the accomplishments that investment banking institutions have achieved every year.The leaders of the organization have been scrutinizing various companies that deserve to receive the highest accolades in this sector.


The honors are for Industrial Deal of the Year and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year in the international category. Firms that have made a huge, positive impact on the global market are the only ones eligible for these prestigious awards.


The arrangement that made it possible for Madison Street Capital to be honored is the successful procurement of Acuña & Asociados S.A. by The Dowco Group of Companies. The cross-border deal in which Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Directors Jay Rodgers and Karl D’Cunha played significant roles.


The corporation that was acquired is headquartered in Chile, and it can help the latter realize its ultimate goal of turning into one of the leading providers of steel detailing and three-dimensional modeling services globally.


The Madison Street Capital worked as a financial counselor for the acquirer through the whole acquisition process. The CEO of the firm, Charles Botchway, acknowledged that Dowco has been a consistent client of the Madison Street Capital, and they are content to lend thoughtful opinions regarding the economic end of the deal.


Karl D’Cunha said that the entire team was delighted to be considered for the coveted awards.


About the Finalist


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking institution known for having a respectable record in the financial market. Established in 2005, the firm has consistently shown its diligence and aspiration to assist budding and seasoned business owners alike in making sound financial decisions before company mergers or acquisition of assets. Some of the services Madison Street Capital offer include business assessment, financial report evaluation, and organization consultation among others.


Although recognized widely in the world, Madison Street Capital is focused on assisting middle market entrepreneur to meet their financial objectives, realize the full potential of their business to become successful in a particular industry and get ahold of prominent dealmakers who have adequate knowledge and experience in mergers and acquisitions. The firm’s headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois, with several branches throughout Asia, Africa, and North America.


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