Mar 24

Show Topics:

  1. Jim Wexell’s thoughts on the Big Ben Situation
  2. Why Jim Wexell thinks the Steelers will draft Mike Iupati?
  3. Wexell’s thoughts on the Steelers Corners?
  4. Wexell’s thoughts on what went wrong in 2009?
  5. Wexell gives his thoughts on the Arians’ Situation
  6. Wexell gives his thoughts on Art Rooney II’s post season interview?
  7. Jim Wexell looks into his Crystal Ball and predicts how the 2010 Steelers will fare?
  8. Wexell gives his thoughts on the Rooney way?
  9. Wexell gives his thoughts on Mike Tomlin

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  1. Dane Stautz says:

    What a wonderful blog you have. I love how you write and make everything simple and easy to understand. Thank You!

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