Jul 30


Check out my Interviews with Jim Wexell of SteelCityInsider.net and Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune Review as we talk about Antonio Brown’s  new deal, the Mike Wallace Contract situation, and Training Camp Highlights from the 1st Week.

Also, Check out my interview with Ian Whetstone, Resident Capologist of SteelCityInsider.net where we breakdown Antonio Browns’s new deal and the impact it may have on resigning Mike Wallace.

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Feb 17


Show Topics:

  1. Lebeau is Back
  2. Stop Complaining About the Steelers Defense
  3. Why the Scheme Ain’t broke?
  4. To Beat the Steelers Spread Em Out: Uh Duh
  5. Free Agent Analysis
  6. Will Chuck Cecil be the new Defensive Backs Coach
  7. Whose more Valuable? Lamarr vs Ike

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Sep 16


Show Topics:

Will the BUS be a 1st Ballot Hall of Famer?
Will Max Starks and Casey Hampton Play?
Why Jonathon Scott and not Tony Hills?
Offensive Game Keys
Defensive Game Keys
Why the Steelers will win 17-13?
Is this now Tomlin’s team?

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