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Alex Pall Speaks about his Fans and Halsey

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are The Chainsmokers, the creators of songs such as “Paris,” and “#Selfie.” Their newest song is an exhibition of Andrew Taggart’s singing ability, marking the very first time one of The Chainsmokers have performed the vocals on one of their songs.

Alex and Andrew met in 2014 when Alex’s manager brought them together. “Hey, there’s this DJ duo called the Chainsmokers. One’s leaving and the other kid wants to bring someone else on,” Pall’s manager said to Taggart, according to Taggart in an interview with the late Andy Wahol’s Interview Magazine.

Taggart was a student in Maine; Alex Pall was DJing in the New York area. When Pall’s manager made arrangements for them to meet, Taggart drove down from Maine to meet his new partner in music. They began working immediately, spending long hours in the studio working on songs that would be come to known as “Roses,” “Paris,” and “Don’t Let Me Down”.

“Closer” is the song Andrew Taggart began his singing career on. Both Pall and Taggart are music producers, never having sang on a professional record before. Not only did The Chainsmokers collaborate with one of America’s newest pop sensations, Halsey, they set created a historic moment in their careers. With Taggart branching out to lead singer, The Chainsmokers aim to not only become a definitive band, but create a greater live show experience too.

In the interview, Pall was asked about this thoughts and opinions on Halsey and had only positive things to say. “She’s a very cool and unique artist,” Pall said. Pall told the interviewer that Halsey was number one on their list of future collaborations.

Halsey is the singer responsible for such songs as “Caste,” “Ghost,” and “Bad at Love.”

The interview concluded on the topic of social media. “Thanks to Instagram,” Alex Pall began. “I can tell you exactly [who is listening to our music.]” Pall said that The Chainsmokers are a hit with ages from 16 to 25, and are seeing people from all different countries talking to them and about them on Instagram. “It’s pretty split between boys and girls,” Pall said.


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