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Arthur Becker’s Startlingly Simple Approach to Business

Arthur Becker has spent almost the past decade establishing himself in both the technology and real estate sectors of the business world. As the CEO of Zinio, Becker has made a name for himself as a techno-savant, capable of identifying and investing in the right marketing trends of the tech world. Now, Becker is focused on his work as a real estate titan under Madison Partners, LLC where he works as a Managing Partner. Despite his success, Becker is ready and willing to talk about his method, his failures, and his success. You can visit Inspirery for more info.

Becker’s focus as a Managing Partner at Madison Partners LLC has been inspiration to watch since its inception in 2011. Becker says of Madison Partners, “I would have to say that my inspiration has come from working closely with the Vera Wang Fashion Company, where I learned a great deal about design and fashion.” This is, of course, pretty on the nose and important for someone focused on renovating and reselling real estate. Becker’s focus in the real estate game is on investing in what he deems ‘unique properties’ which he then renovates to sell or lease for a profit.

Despite his long tenure as a businessman, Arthur Becker rarely finds himself suffering from doubt. Becker says, “I knew what I had to do and which businesses and houses I needed to invest in.” Becker goes on to say that his success came from knowing “all the verticals in business before diving in, because it can get confusing.” Becker is, of course, one of the most prepared individuals in the business so it makes sense that this would be his glowing piece of advice for upcoming entrepreneurs. Becker also says, “It’s easy to doubt yourself i you don’t know what you are doing.”

Arthur Becker has long been one of our favorite business moguls to watch due to how wide, varied, and interesting his endeavors are. Becker made his first fortune as a stockbroker trading tech companies around. Now he’s a real estate mogul, a bio tech investor, and even an acclaimed artist with work all around New York City.

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