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Article Title: Ara Chackerian on Using Eco-Friendly Wood Alternatives

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Ara Chackerian is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has years of experience in the healthcare industry in eliminating the gap between technology and healthcare services. Mr. Chackerian has also spent much of his time working on community-based projects. He currently serves on several boards in the Bay area. Apart from having an interest in the healthcare field, Ara Chackerian is also deeply interested in environmental and youth development projects. For instance, he focuses on Limonapa Teak, a sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua which uses eco-friendly agricultural procedures to enhance the local environment. The farm also offers a large number of well-paying jobs for the residents of the local societies.

According to Ara Chackerian’s blog with the growth of urbanization and industrialization, the environment has been deteriorating, and the number of forests that are left continue to diminish even further. The woods are essential for human survival as well as harboring animals. The furniture industry has played a massive role in the uncontrolled deforestation because of the increased demand for wood. for instance, a large number of trees need to be cut down to create wood for building just a single home, and also individuals contribute to deforestation by purchasing wooden furniture.

Ara Chackerian states that there are several eco-friendly ways that one can choose for almost every type of furniture. For instance, bamboo and teak are great alternatives to traditional timber. Teak is one of the primary materials used in furniture and construction. However, because of how endangered teak is, it is wise to use alternatives such as Jatoba or FSC teak which have the same feel and texture or real teak but do not lead to extensive deforestation.

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Ara Chackerian pursued a Bachelor of Arts Marketing at Florida State University- College of Business. He has founded various highly successful companies that deal with different types of diagnostic imaging services.

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