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AvaTrade Customer Reviews: Forex Trading Broker

AvaTrade is a Forex broker company that was initially obtained from AvaFX brokerage company. This is an Irish based company that has its headquarters based in Dublin. AvaTrade company is a famous brokerage company that has many dealers. The firm is renowned for its unique trading features and software. The firm has expanded its territories to major cities such as Tokyo, Milan, Sydney, and Paris. In a press statement released to the press, the management indicated that they receive $60 million rates of turnover per month. This has led many Forex dealers to opt for the firm.

The following article recaps on the AvaTrade Customer Reviews

Whether AvaTrade is a Scam

According to a recent AvaTrade review, AvaTrade dealers is an excellent firm and has nothing to do with scams. Unlike other brokerage firms, AvaTrade is regulated and works under the guidance of the Central Bank of Irish. Moreover, the firm is monitored by other local financial administrators in the country. Thus, dealers shouldn’t fear about anything regarding this firm since its genuine and reliable.

Besides their reliability, AvaTrade does not charge any commission for trading. As a result, they have been in a more dominant position to remain competitive in the Forex brokerage industry. Since they do not charge any commission, their dealers get to save a substantial amount of money.

Safety and Fees

As indicated, AvaTrade is regulated by the Irish Central Bank and other local and international regulators. Moreover, their activities are also governed by the Spanish CNMV. This has created confidence to dealers, and they transact without the fear of being scammed.

Trader Benefits

As earlier indicated, AvaTrade charges zero commission for the transactions. This is a feature that has made numerous dealers shift to AvaTrade. On top of that, traders have ideal methods for convenient trading. AvaTrade has trading tools which ensure accurate projections regarding the Forex rates. Moreover, they have trading software that is easy to use and convenient for Forex transactions. They also offer bonuses to their dealers according to the minimum threshold.