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Capital Group’s New Chairman Is A Genius of Investment

Tim Armour is a chairman and chief executive officer at one of the largest and most renowned investment management organizations, Capital Group. Timothy D. Armour began in college studying economics and has since attained a bachelor’s degree in the field from Middlebury College which is a private liberal arts college.

Tim Armour is a man with vast experience in investing which he has excelled at propelling thru the corporate ladder. Before attaining his position as chief executive officer he served at Capital Group as a participant in their Associates Program. Then later as an equity investment analyst, where he worked within global telecommunications and U.S. Service companies. Tim Armour advises to “Find active managers who earn their keep.”

He wants managers working under his wing to look at the finer details of companies, rather than indulging in the not guaranteed future. Janet Yang, the CFA of Capital Group credits their successes on Armour’s ability to find a companies specific needs and keeping employees aligned to the requirements of the task. A great example of an accomplishment of Mr. Armour is the strategic partnership between Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management that he took part in help forming. Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management plan on co-developing retirement solutions and asset allocation products, while also enhancing Samsung Asset Managements investment capability.

Timothy Armour also stated “ The broader plan is to co-design investment solutions to fulfill the savings, retirement and insurance-linked needs of Korean investors.” Samsung Asset Management wants knowledge of Capital Group’s way of investing, while Capital Group wants to know how Samsung markets and distributes products to Korean investors. Tim Armour is very opinionated about the market sell-off of 2015. Commenting on the market volatility created by China he stated, “We’ve had a six year bull run in the U.S. and rising markets in most other parts of the world.”

Tim Armour believes China will transform from a closed, investment based economy to a more open, consumer led-economy. In summary, Tim Armour has made the one of the oldest and most successful companies in investment management flourish extensively more. In effect earning him the high ranking position he acquired. Timothy D. Armour is a true genius of investment.

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    Mr. Armour has shown that truly he is a genius and no one can easily argue against the claim because he proves it. Having such http://www.essayuniverse.net/payforessay-review/ as this can give one that kind of edge especially if they start from the beginning and remain focus. I think this is why investment management is attractive to onlookers but they may not fully understand.

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