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CEO Hussain Sajwani’s entrepreneurial contributions

Hussain Sajwani’s family was a middle-class family. His parents sold goods from China, shirts, and Parker pens. He narrates that most of the dinner table conversations in his family revolved around business. This helped him to grow up with a business mindset as he learned a lot from the conversations. He worked hard at school and showed great promise. The hard work earned him a government scholarship in 1978 to study in the United States. At the time, he was among the first students to be sent to the United States on scholarships. He joined the University of Washington and studied economics and industrial engineering.

His friends considered him a risk taker, and he used to sell time-share apartments in UAE even while still a student. After graduation, he joined Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in the finance department where he worked on contract. Most of his ideas came while working with the company. He realized that he could make much money selling lucrative services. After two years, in 1992, he founded DAMAC catering company using his time-share sales as capital. DAMAC flourished, and he later landed a contract with the American construction giant – Bechtel to offer catering services. He also works with US military supplying meals to their armed forces in Qatar, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, and Kuwait.

Sajwani founded a real estate company and merged it with the catering company to form DAMAC Properties and serves as its CEO. The company specializes in real estate development in the Middle East, and it is listed on the London stock exchange. DAMAC Group offers both property development and catering services both of which are lucrative ventures. He has purchased and developed many properties in the Middle Eastern countries like UAE, especially in Dubai. In apartment designs, he teams up with luxury brands like Versace, Fendi, and Bugatti. Currently, he is working with American President Donald Trump to develop the Trump golf courses.

Hussain Sajwani is also working on the Akoya Community project covering 964 acres. The project is 15 minutes drive from Dubai, and when completed, it will feature Lavish Mansion villas complete with a retail center. The Donald Trump golf course will be the main attraction of the property. Husain Sajwani owns 85 percent of the company and has a net-worth of $3.5 billion.