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ClassDojo Learning App Bridges The Gap

With the growing diversity within classrooms, communication has become somewhat of an obstacle. Whether it be the student, or the parents of the students, teachers are finding it challenging to have clear communication with those involved in the learning process. For this reason, the learning app, ClassDojo, is working diligently to bridge the gap that language barriers have produced in the classroom.

ClassDojo is a mobile app platform that’s available for both Android and iPhone devices that was launched in 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. ClassDojo has been a fantastic aid in helping non English speaking parents maintain constant communication with their children’s teachers. Because of this innovative app, teachers, parents, and students have found themselves having a clear connection. This, in turn, allows the teachers to more effectively give the kids empowerment through their parents.

ClassDojo facilitates the creation of a combined and positive classroom culture that is composed of people, both children and parents, from different backgrounds. The app allows the teacher to help build and cultivate the student’s skills while maintaining a positive and understanding relationship with the student’s parents. Another impressive functionality of the app is that it allows parents to have access to student reports that are shared by the teachers.

The app ClassDojo is not only for the viewing of statistics or communication, it is also for enabling the teachers capability to send pictures and/or videos of the students to the parents. Seems like the future is now. ClassDojo is an impressive example of the ingenuity and innovation of something modern technology to something that has been around a lot longer, classrooms. With so much information available to parents in regards to their children, ClassDojo has subtly and effectively improved the classroom culture through their integration of technological resources.

According to ClassDojo’s website, their mission is to foster a better community composed of teachers, parents, and school leaders, as well as improving the education system in general. An estimated 90% of school districts across the United States are already using ClassDojo. ClassDojo is also available in 35 different languages thus far.

Find out more about ClassDojo: https://techcrunch.com/2016/04/15/classdojo-raises-21-million-for-app-to-make-parent-teacher-meetings-obsolete/