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Collaboration Replaces Competition With Marc Sparks

One of the many concepts that life is big on is irony. People have traditionally worked on location for their companies. However, there were a lot of different types of competition. There was also many cases of backstabbing and office politics. People have gotten ahead by throwing others under. The workplace has been known as a place of misery.

Fortunately, there is an alternative work environment. This type of work environment is a more collaborative environment. It is often occupied by entrepreneurs. The interesting thing is that entrepreneurs are actually collaborating with each other even though they are not working for the same company.

This phenomenon is very interesting, and yet it is something worth striving for. According to Wikipedia, This is one of the reasons that Marc Sparks has decided to take an office and transform it in order to bring forth more productivity and collaboration. It is probably not easy to figure out why people seem more collaborative than entrepreneurs.

Perhaps one of the reasons behind it is that people are more fulfilled since they are working jobs that they are more passionate about. This brings about a certain joy that is missing from the traditional workplace. Joyful people are more likely to share.

Marc himself knows this joy all too well, especially as a successful entrepreneur. He also understands that it is very important to find something that brings the most joy so that he will continue to work on the business even as a successful entrepreneur. For one thing, success is not a destination, but another phase of the journey.

One must maintain his success in order to continue living a productive life. Given Marc’s success, he has shown a willingness to share his secrets with other aspiring entrepreneurs so that they will have a smoother journey. Marc Sparks has traveled his journey and paved the road for others.


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