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Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Push Amazon from the Top Spot in Fashion Sales?

Saying that a company has the potential to push Amazon from the top spot in the e-commerce fashion space is speaking very highly of them, but none have been able to topple the giant in recent years. Amazon has a nice comfortable piece of the pie, and that 20 percent of the online fashion sales market is miles above the nearest competitor. Quietly over the last three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has amassed over $250 million in sales for high-quality women’s active-wear, and it appears this company has bigger goals in the near future.


If Kate Hudson’s Fabletics continues along at this pace, they will become a serious contender in the e-commerce fashion space, and a celebrity backing the company can only help. When Kate Hudson was asked about her company, she described a completely different format than shoppers at Amazon are used to, and it appears to be winning over winning around the globe. Looking at the company for what it is, it utilizes a two-step format that combines a unique membership platform combined with the reverse-showrooming concept. Hudson says to see it in action will really make it clear why her athleisure brand has been the talk of the web in recent years.


Here is the secret to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics success. Women walk into the retail shop in the malls and sign up for their free membership. They can window-shop or try on any number of the workout gear in the store. Sales associates will encourage these women to fill out a Lifestyle Quiz to unlock more benefits to their membership, but don’t pressure customers to buy. Most women on their breaks or rushing through their day will try on a few items to see how they fit and leave buying nothing. That is the key to the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics formula.


So these consumers head home and are more relaxed after a hectic day, then they head to the Fabletics website and all the items they tried on will be there waiting for them. Unlike Amazon, these consumers don’t have to guess what apparel fits, they know which pieces look perfect on their body and they buy in a more relaxed setting online, sometimes getting a lot more than they originally wanted. The membership includes lower pricing, free shipping, and the help of a personal shopper who adds one item each month to the shopping cart for future consideration.