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Dallas doctor strikes balance betweeen tradition, technology

Doctor Sameeer Jejurikar in Dallas knows that patients want guaranteed results. This seems strange in a field where aesthetic judgments are required. Despite plastic surgery being more of an art than a science, the Dallas-based plastic surgeonx has many return patients. Some people do not need to come back, but most who come out of his office are satisified.

What leads to such a high satisfaction rate among his clients? It is because he knows how to balance the desire to innovate with continue to using tried and tested techniques. Doctor Jejurikar does not use these techniques when someone is on the table unless he has had time to practice and perfect the technique.

The most common procedure performed by the doctor is the Brazillian Butt lift. As the name implies, this raises the posterior to be more appealing to someone viewing the person from behind.

Do not think that Sameer Jejurikar focuses only on the plastic surgery technologies. He also focuses on improving the safety of the operating room. Introducing new technology helps improve safety and hygeine. Like any doctors, Jejurikar must keep up on all the latest proecdures, techniques and technologies. Lielong learning helps him meet the needs of his patients. Anyone who needs to get plastic surgery and who lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area should consider scheduling an appointment for a consult. Find out what the doctor and hist staff can do to improve anyone’s appearance and self-esteem. The results of the operation can last the decade.