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Goings-On on at The Quincy

A 21 year old young man who is widely known for committing many robberies against pizza delivery drivers at gun point, has had yet another charge added to his long list of prior crimes. Mr. Parysh Wood was already serving time in the Middlesex County jail for numerous armed robberies against delivery drivers, when police discovered evidence that he was responsible for yet another robbery that took place in the area of Quincy, at the New Brunswick Hotel. This hotel is one of the more famous hotels in that area and primarily does business with wealthy executives and other high profile individuals from around the globe.


Cell phone data has been used to prove that Mr. Wood was in the exact location at the time of the reported robbery, according to South Brunswick police. Sergeant Jim Ryan, stated that their investigators have obtained sufficient evidence and that actually, the police are convinced beyond any doubts that Mr. Wood is guilty of this latest armed robbery, which occurred around 9:30 P.M.


Detective Ron Seaman stated that the cellular phone data itself links Mr. Wood to the crimes specific location at the hour that the crime took place. Mr. Seaman is an investigator who works closely with the Middlesex County Prosecutor Office and is primarily responsible for collecting this evidence. Mr. Wood goes by several monikers including “Pistol” as his street name and was assisted in his crime by two other individuals. Many consider this event to be a rare occurrence for that area of town and the Police department desires to ensure that such behaviors do not take place again. To this end, they are charging the individuals accordingly.

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