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Heather Parry Flawless Skills in Film Production

To impress your viewers, you must come up with an eye-catching film. Heather parry has mastered the art of creativity. Her company has been identified with production of great films such as a “A star is born”. Currently she is serving as the president of Live Nation production. The lady Gala vehicle and the brandy cooper is among the great films of the year. Her company has venues, festivals and holds concert tours to help market films. She is an ambitious woman who never lets an opportunity pass her.

Heather Parry

When she was approached to market “A star is born” she was in a lift. Heather parry is passionate in making films and has outstanding media marketing skills. Her company has filmed many films which have turned out to be appealing attracting many viewers. She started her career at 22 years old at MTV news. Due to her outstanding performance she rose to become the organization West Coast Bureau Chief. As the chief she produced “the week in rock”.

Heather Parry then developed interest in film development and production. After acquiring skills in film development and production she produced “Get rich or die tryin” featuring 50 cents as the starring. In 2005 she left MTV and joined Sandler’s Happy Madison production. In Sandlers happy Madison production she worked on several projects such as “The house bunny”, “pixels” and “just go with it”.

She has learnt to exploit live nations resources to market for music related films. “A star is born “was an outstanding accomplishment that marked a milestone in her success journey. It was a bit easy for her to run a music related film. Live nation has been in the industry for long and has produced a couple of music related films. Live nations have offered a helping hand to Heather Parry by sponsoring her projects and assigning her a marketing team. She is celebrated for having live nations venue all over the world.