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How Bridget Scarr Creates Ideas for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Digital Content, and Interactive Exhibition Projects

Bridget Scarr is an entrepreneur, author, songwriter, and creative producer. She holds the CEO position for a creative production company called Colibri Studios. Scarr’s creations extend across platforms such as augmented reality, digital content, virtual reality and interactive exhibition. They have also resonated with many people on emotional and intellectual levels.


Work experience


Bridget made a name for herself in the television broadcasting, advertising, and animation realms. She spent over 15 years of her professional career as an executive producer. Her responsibilities involved creative and technical production output of small to large teams and creative development. Her production work also involved factual entertainment programming, spanning drama, lifestyle, children’s animation and entertainment.


Colibri Studios was created based on Scarr’s experience as an executive producer. She had the ambition to focus her career on bringing ideas to life. She believes that TV programming limited her creative abilities. Today, Bridget Scarr uses Colibri Studios as a platform for bringing her ideas to reality. She achieves this goal by collaborating with creative individuals, international broadcasters and project partners.


Bridget Scarr as a writer


In her writings, Scarr advises people to use technology to their advantage. She believes that technology enables people to lead better lives. She recommends people to read a book that is titled “Destressifying: The Real-World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfilment, and Peace of Mind.” This is because the book shades light on how we can understand and deal with stress.



Scarr’s advice to entrepreneurs


As she was new to the business world, Bridget Scarr encountered several challenges. For instance, a business venture that she had nurtured for eight years collapsed. She did not lose hope since she was confident that new opportunities would emerge. Through meditation, she managed to heal and get back to entrepreneurship. Her advice to established and upcoming business owners is that they should not be devastated by the challenges that come on their way. However, they should use meditation as a way of coping with life.


Scarr’s thoughts on emerging trends


Bridget Scarr is fascinated by how artificial and virtual reality are being used in the modern world to facilitate learning. She believes that these innovations create limitless possibilities that have never been witnessed in the past. Scarr is also enthusiastic about technology. When developing augmented and virtual reality projects, she pays close attention to how the projects can create a certain reality for the users. Her initial procedures for conceptualizing an idea involve understanding how much work will be needed and its feasibility.


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