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How Tony Petrello Encourages Philanthropy At Nabor Industries

When a disaster strikes a community you can easily tell which companies actually care about it and which ones are just solely dedicated to making a profit. This was the case in August 2017 in Houston, Texas, when Hurricane Harvey roared in from the Gulf of Mexico and destroyed entire areas in the region. Some companies immediately started to help in the aftermath, such as The Houston Food Bank and H-E-B. Another one where the company and employees did their best to help those that were affected was Nabors Industries.

The employees that work for Nabors Industries are often helping out in charitable ways. This can include helping out with their time and money when it comes to fundraisers and community projects. This type of behavior is part of the culture of Nabors Industries that Chief Executive Officer Tony Petrello has fostered at Nabor Industries. After Hurricane Katrina blew through the area he let everyone at the company know that they could take paid time off so that they could help those who were in need. He also declared that his company would match all of the money they raised to support the victims, which turned out to be $173,622.

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In the past, Tony Petrello has had Nabor Industries support many other charitable endeavors. They have financially supported national nonprofit organizations such as Bike MS and the Susan G. Komen Foundation which fights against breast cancer. He also set up the Nabors Charitable Foundation. Over the years this foundation has give more than $3 million in scholarship money to support the education of both its employees and their children.

Another cause that is personally very important to Tony Petrello is childhood neurological disorders. He and his wife, Cynthia, have a daughter that was born when just 24 weeks old. She has cerebral palsy due to this so Tony and Cynthia have seen firsthand how hard it is for children with neurological orders to develop. Due to this the couple gave $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital so that more research could be conducted into childhood neurological disorders.

As a graduate of Yale University, Tony Petrello had one professor that served as a mentor to him, Professor Serge Lang. In order to honor him when he recently died, Petrello donated $150,000 to an endowment fund. One many other people also donated in this way Petrello donated an additional $150,000 in order to match their donations.

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