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How Whitney Wolfe Sees Bumble In Next Several Years

Whitney Wolfe is expanding and taking Bumble users on a wild ride. In her recent efforts to build a better marketing campaign she highlighted a number of different people that were utilizing Bumble that were part of the New York City scene. These various Bumble users are representative of an array of different people that all came together some type of way through the Bumble platform. Some have been utilizers of the dating portion of the app. Others may have had the desire to connect with other business owners through the Bumble Bizz is portion of the app. There are a lot of different possibilities that exist when it comes to Bumble, and this is exactly how she planned it.

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She did not want to put all of her eggs in one basket, so to speak. She knew that she was on to something good when it came to her dating app, but she knew that there were other things that she wanted to do as well. People can see now that she is also someone that is passionate about things like skin care. This is why she is working to eventually get connected to her own skin care product line. Whitney Wolfe is involved in a plethora of different things. She has made herself well-known.

Whitney Wolfe has made herself one of the more powerful business entities around. She has shown that there is a great amount of opportunity that exists for the type of business that she wants to create. There are no boundaries when it comes to all of the opportunities that she can explore. Some people may say that she is the young entrepreneur that may be heading a company that will soon be worth more than a billion dollars. This seems hard to believe for an executive that is still under the age of 30, but Whitney Wolfe has made a lot of great strides in a short time frame. She has not been afraid to start up a company in a competitive environment. Wolfe feels strong about her desire to expand and evolve Bumble regardless of the competitive forces.

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