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Join A Superior Managed Health Care Provider Today

InnovaCare is the largest managed health services provider in North America with an expressive 56,800+ beneficiaries and growing. They believe in building a strong network to improve the services of their clients in the health care industry. They are backed by other leading providers to ensure that they have a diversity that meets the needs of their growing physician services group. In fact, they have added three top executives to their board of directors at InnovaCare to create innovative solutions that you will not find with other competitor managed health care services. Jonathan Meyers has recently been appointed chief actuary officer of InnovaCare and is proud to be a part of a winning team that is equipped to compete with a complex industry.

President & Chief Executive Officer, M.D., and MBA Rick Shinto is there to welcome the new additions to the InnovaCare team and is committed to building a strong team to help the beneficiaries get the services they need to live a productive and health well being from day to day. Penelope Kokkinides Assistant Chief Executive Officer is a part of the continued growth and development of InnovaCare.

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InnovaCare provides services outside of the Medicare Advantage Plan that include a Part A & B plan. Beneficiaries are expected to pay a monthly premium on their Medicare coverage and the federal government picks up the rest of the cost associated with your managed care policy. Most beneficiaries don’t get the medicines that they need because they don’t have the money to pay for the rising cost of prescription drugs. InnovaCare Health strives to keep the cost affordable for their beneficiaries by maximizing their services and creating technological advances that will allow you to get lower cost prescription medication.

You can learn more about InnovaCare through their easy to read and navigate website. Their program services can’t be compared to any other provider in the industry. Their two primary policies are Provider Networks and Medicare on innovacarewellness.com. You won’t have to worry about under coverage that leaves you stranded when you need it. InnovaCare is committed to putting their customers needs first. They strive to be industry professionals that ensure customers have a reliable Medicare Advantage Plan that meets their medical needs.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: https://www.companybooknetworking.com/aveta-inc-/Rick%20Shinto


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