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Jose Hawilla: ‘Grown Man Business’

Brazilian businessman Jose Hawilla Once a print and radio journalist, he has transitioned into a focus on different entrepreneurial activities and projects. More specifically, Hawilla is the founder and owner of a sports marketing company known as Traffic. Traffic, headquartered in Sao Jose do Rio Preto, has already established a brand that demonstrates tremendous potential for significant profits.

Some online sources claim that it takes more than charm, courage, and a friendly personality to close deals to make a successful businessman. Reportedly, it takes more than the desire to create a product or offer a service to be a leader. There is more to being successful in business than what one reads in business books too. According to an article in The Balance, there are some additional traits and elements involved in being a successful entrepreneur. For more details visit LinkedIn.


There are reported to be numerous studies about what elements are necessary for being a winning businessman. Unfortunately, there are other studies that refute the claims made by the previously mentioned studies. Information in The Balance piece notes that not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur.

The Balance reports that one factor that can impact on the success of a businessman is the country or environment in which one works. The 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index confirms that working in the United States is a definite advantage for entrepreneurs because the country is reputed to be the number 1 location in for conducive, healthy entrepreneurial activity. Other top nations known to be supportive of burgeoning businesses are in order Canada, then Australia, then Denmark, followed by Sweden, and Taiwan.

Personality Traits

The Balance also noted additional important factors. There are specific personality traits that should be inherent in any hopeful entrepreneur to ensure a greater chance of success. The personal characteristics include being open to change, being resilient, and being motivated by family or other personal reasons. Finally, today’s truly successful businessmen put a value even on failing. Each failure statistically puts one closer to succeeding. Entrepreneur Jose Hawilla is reputed to having many of the above-mentioned personality traits.

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