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Malcolm CasSelle, a renowned Entrepreneur

Malcolm CasSelle, the founder and the creator of OPSkins, are planning to launch a newer version of blockchain platform known as the WAX abbreviated for Worldwide Asset Exchange for virtual trading of assets. Malcolm is not just the founder but also the entrepreneur of the OPSkins and the WAX president. But how does this idea come to his mind? Before becoming an entrepreneur, he served the tronc. Inc (Former Tribune Publishing) new ventures as the President and CTO.

Moreover, he was also appointed at the Digital Media Sea Change International as the chairman and the senior VP of the firm in the year 2015. As a company’s acquisition part of Timeline Labs, he also served his services as Chief Executive Officer. Before that Malcolm CasSelle entered and started a setup in the digital market that includes Xfire and Groupon’s joint ventures and MediaPass.

Malcolm CasSelle was an efficient investor who had the art of making early-stage investments in IT organizations such as Zynga, Facebook and the most important to highlight is the Bitcoin market. He has a strong IT background as he graduated from Stanford University with an MIT and master’s degree in CS. Moreover, he can converse in dual languages Japanese and Mandarin.

Malcolm CasSelle was given the responsibility of the global social network to serve as the Chief Executive Officer in the year 2012 for the core players of video games. Later in the year 2013, he joined Media Press and served as its CEO which is an online paywall solution based on the digital contents. The same year Malcolm CasSelle he worked for Timeline Labs as the co-founder who is a media tracking app company and later served as its CEO. Timeline Labs got acquired by SeaChange internationals in the year 2014 where he served as the Senior Vice President as well as the General Manager of the firm.

Later in 2016, Malcolm CasSelle was named as the president of CTO new ventures at tronc which tribune publishing firm was formerly. His services as the president of OPSkin were remarkable which made him known as a successful entrepreneur.