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Managing Finances with Southridge Capital Management

Rich people accumulate more wealth through consistent practices of hard work ethics and entrepreneurship. In most instances, they invest the money they earn to become wealthier. In the financial market, Southridge Capital has become the beacon of light to investors. The investment group based in Connecticut specializes in private investments in public equities. Southridge Capital was founded in 1996 by Stephen Hicks, who also serves as its CEO. The company seeks investments opportunities in emerging areas both in domestic and global markets.

Southridge Capital LLC offers diversified financial assistance in direct investment and advisory services to its different pool of clients. The company is backed up with massive financial experience and an informed market structure. Southridge can deliver results based on the needs of their clients. It is recognized for investing over $1.8 billion and growing more than 250 companies since it was established. Southridge is sort after for financial analysis services and optimization of the balance sheet. They also partake in mergers and acquisition through helping to identify the appropriate business portfolio for merging companies. The company has been able to maintain the ability to formulate a working financial plan to its client. Its success is reflected by the positive results they achieve.

Stephen Hicks Interview about Southridge

Stephen M. Hicks is the CEO and founder of Southridge capital. He is responsible for setting the strategic plan of the company. Mr. Hicks has broad experience in investment banking, risk arbitrage, derivatives and financial structuring of companies. He got the idea to start Southridge capital while working at a small hedge fund in New York. Mr. Hick’s typical day involves portfolio review and searching for new investment opportunities. His financial market experience enables him to bring his investment ideas to life. Check out releasefact to know more.


According to Newswire, the current investment idea that interests Southridge Capital is cryptocurrency and pot market. Focusing on cash proceeds and daily lists from the portfolio, enable the company to be more productive in the financial market. Southridge productivity and success is facilitated through the use of Wall Street Journal, OTC markets, and Quotestream to understand the current trends in the market.