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Mark Hutchinson and Wild Ark

Mark Hutchinson has had many adventures since the age of 19. He has created two businesses, traveled by car across Africa, went through a lot of schooling, got married, and had children. He has counted himself as a life long student and has been to school multiple times. Mark and his family love nature and go on bush walks often. His dream is to reintroduce society to nature again.

Mark at age 19 traveled Africa by vehicle. At age 22 he created his first business, called UNTAMED, along with a name change to Avana, his company revolved around ecotourism and training. Although that company went under, he developed his dream company Wild Ark. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/mark-hutchinson/

Wild Ark came from Mark’s dream of saving, as they calls it, “preserving the world’s fragile ecosystem”. Mark and Anton Lategan became business partners when they created a strong bond over nature and helping others reconnect with nature. Mark’s goal with his company Wild Ark is to buy land to keep it protected from society and to repair it’s natural beauty.

Mark Hutchinson has pursued many degrees. He has earned a bachelors in economics, an MBA, and is now currently pursuing a masters in conservation biology. He opened Wild Ark not only to preserve the lands but to help animals by protecting their homes. Mark believes that society has lost touch with nature and would like to reconnect them with that part. Learn more: http://wildark.com/blog/mark-hutchinson-for-the-wild/

The idea behind Mark’s adventure companies is from his past experience. He would go on remote wilderness adventures. The way Mark works his company is the same way he and his family are at home. Mark and his two girls go on bush walks and watch the living animals. They live by the beach and re-connect to wilderness from the water or from nature itself.