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Musicians: Tools of The Trade


The life of a musician can be a difficult one. Trying to achieve the perfect sound can be a challenge because of the sheer amount of variance the sonic world is subjected to. Everything from the space you’re in to the shape of your instrument can affect the sound. That’s why it’s important to work with established brands that have a reputable history.

For the guitarist, some of the best acoustic guitar brands such as Gibson or Fender are household names. With a long history, Gibson has been making instruments for over 100 years while Fender has been making them for over 70 years. These are tried and true brands and are arguably the best simply from the production companies longevity alone. If you are a studio musician, or if you prefer to engineer your own records, the next logical step is to purchase a powerful pair of headphones.

Some of the best headphone brands come from the company Bose, which provides high end headphones of superior quality. The other popular brand is Audio Technica, a brand that will be familiar to any self-proclaimed audio fanatic. Both brands offer masterful studio headphones of impressive engineering designed to provide the most accurate sound for studio use.


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