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Once a dropout is now helping young entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams.

With education becoming more valuable it becomes much harder for anyone to obtain a job or be successful without going through secondary education and picking up a degree. All of the money spent towards education is investing into the growth of our future.


Mike Baur is a well-known individual that left school early to become a famous investor and mentor. Baur is not the first successful dropout and there will be plenty more to come. He is an experienced money manager operating in Finland. Baur helps the young Finish business owners grow out their product or service. He worked on a project called the Swiss Start Up Factory. This factory helps small growing businesses get the equipment they need to grow out and be successful.


The Swiss Start Up Factory is an intense training course for entrepreneurs to grow their business out as fast as possible. The program is very helpful for businesses that are working with digital technologies. Baur and his co-workers select the hardest working individuals that can succeed. He fist offers them an investment to get the tools they need and then starts coaching them.


It is tricky for young business owners to get help when large businesses are towering over them stealing business. Getting the money and resources to turn an idea into a business helps, but having a coach offer advice is a once in a lifetime deal.


The factory system will continue to help as many as possible. The company is partnered with Geneva-Fintech Accelerator Fusion.


Mike Baur is the founder of this factory entrepreneurship program. He has worked for over 20 years in investing and banking industries. Baur was an employee of the Swiss banking industry and has helped run a number of fundraisers and loaning projects.


Swiss Startup Factory was created in 2014. It is a Zurich-based program that seeks out digital entrepreneurs with talent and motives to join the program. All of the other related programs can not really compare. The accelerator program has plenty of partnerships around the Switzerland and is expanding to other countries. All of the young digital entrepreneurs that have been helped by this factory program share one common goal. That goal is to work hard and be successful in a short time period. The training course runs for one quarter of the year.



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