The Best New Thing In New York Is The Madison County Courier

The Madison County Courier is established to guide people in New York to the perfect attorney for their situation. With the rise of cases in all areas of the law, this new service has been helping thousands of people every single day. Any New Yorker skeptical of this new service can easily go to the appropriate website and observe all the wonderful reviews that can be found there. These wonderful reviews are updated on a daily basis, and all of the individuals leaving these reviews can be contacted.


Any individual in need of a lawyer for any situation can visit the Madison County Courier website 24 hours a day and seven days a week. A quick survey like document must be filled out. This document requires information regarding the type of attorney that is needed, the amount of money that is available to be spent, and the urgency of the matter. After this document is filled out, the individual in need of an attorney will receive a full list of all available attorneys for their situation.


There is absolutely no charge for this service. It is fully paid for by the New York Bar Association. Going further, any person feeling they have been overcharged can contact the New York Bar Association, and an investigation will be conducted immediately.


At all times, New Yorkers also have the right to contact Attorney Jerry Goldstein. Attorney Goldstein is responsible for putting this program together. He fought to make sure this service would be free and available to every individual within New York. Jerry is available by phone, email, or social media. Any person in need of additional information may contact him at any time. He has a few different degrees from various well-known schools. However, he is fantastic at helping common people fully understand legal terms.


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How Startup EOS Beat Chapstick

For almost a century the lip balm industry did not significantly change. The products sold by brands a century ago we almost identical to the modern equivalents of these products. All of that changed with EOS entered the lip balm market under a decade ago and the major market players are still trying to adapt to the disruption in the industry caused by the entry of EOS.

When the co-founders of EOS examined the skincare industry they saw that the complacency on the part of the major players in the industry left room for a startup company like EOS to exploit this opportunity.

EOS surveyed lip balm customers who identified that:

– They did not feel strongly about their lip balm manufacturers

– Customers were looking for lip balms made with organic and all natural ingredients that were of higher quality than the current market offerings

Flavors of lip balm were limited in flavor and many of the options tasted medicinal

– They were constantly losing their lip balms in their handbags due to the shape of the lip balm tube

– Customers preferred applicators that were sanitary as opposed to those that they would apply with their fingers

To address these factors, EOS lip balm decided to build a product that appealed to women, the largest market segment. A revolutionary applicator orb was designed by EOS that stood out with bright colors and a convenient but striking case that could be applied in a sanitary manner. EOS used all-natural and organic ingredients that had a premium cost, but were ultimately more in line with customer preferences. A variety of tasty flavors were used which appealed more to the tastes of customers.

The newly designed lip balm that EOS created proved to be a real hit with customers and allowed them to displace Chapstick and other major players in the industry who are now emulating the products that EOS is selling on Target and Walmart stores. By listening to the needs of their customers, EOS has been able to create a loyal following became a major player in the lip balm industry.

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Fabletics- the recommended provider for women’s sportswear

Fashion and style are among the essentials in life. Regardless of any scenario or situation, it is always good to be geared in fashionable and stylish clothing. Hence, when it comes to sportswear, Fabletics was innovative enough to come up with a brand that could provide stylish sportswear for women. Apart from providing fashionable and stylish sportswear, Fabletics has also given the interested clients the courtesy of ordering customized outfits that fit their lifestyle.

In the case of offering each customer a personalized outfit, Fabletics usually carries out a brief survey so as to know more about what their clientele’s taste. The study involves giving out details such as; the type of outfits each client prefers .e.g. shorts as well as the types of workouts one regularly caries out. After the quick survey, one is then allowed to choose the preferred types of leggings that will suit their lifestyle. When one is done choosing the leggings, all they have to do is just sit back and enjoy their new appearance.

As for Fabletics, it has been noted that the company has gained significant recognition in the fashion industry. By having such a public reputation, it is evident that the clients are always happy with the services offered by the fashion company. Various clients have been satisfied with the quality of sportswear provided by Fabletics. The clothing is of good quality, and it also comes at an affordable price.

The prices offered by the company are relatively small as compared to the competitors who are still in the same industry. Basically, after choosing an outfit of choice, one is given an opportunity to be just a one-time shopper, and on the other hand, one can join the Fabletics VIP membership. By joining the VIP membership, one can benefit from the huge discounts offered to all members. Also, a fee is deducted from the customer’s credit card every 5th of the month.

The monthly fee serves as credit, and one can use it to purchase more outfits at his/her peril. Deduction of the monthly fee is not mandatory, if not interested in purchasing anything during a certain month; one can decline the payment to Fabletics. In the fashion industry, Fabletics has been able to gain such a good reputation due to the ability to offer quality outfits at a lower price than that of the competitors. As a member of the VIP forum at Fabletics, one is subjected to experience the relatively low prices offered to members. Hence, due to a large number of members, Fabletics is always able to sell more while making profits. So, in short, Fabletics have the advantage of a constant as well as a satisfied pool of clients who are loyal to the fashion brand.

Collaboration Replaces Competition With Marc Sparks

One of the many concepts that life is big on is irony. People have traditionally worked on location for their companies. However, there were a lot of different types of competition. There was also many cases of backstabbing and office politics. People have gotten ahead by throwing others under. The workplace has been known as a place of misery.

Fortunately, there is an alternative work environment. This type of work environment is a more collaborative environment. It is often occupied by entrepreneurs. The interesting thing is that entrepreneurs are actually collaborating with each other even though they are not working for the same company.

This phenomenon is very interesting, and yet it is something worth striving for. According to Wikipedia, This is one of the reasons that Marc Sparks has decided to take an office and transform it in order to bring forth more productivity and collaboration. It is probably not easy to figure out why people seem more collaborative than entrepreneurs.

Perhaps one of the reasons behind it is that people are more fulfilled since they are working jobs that they are more passionate about. This brings about a certain joy that is missing from the traditional workplace. Joyful people are more likely to share.

Marc himself knows this joy all too well, especially as a successful entrepreneur. He also understands that it is very important to find something that brings the most joy so that he will continue to work on the business even as a successful entrepreneur. For one thing, success is not a destination, but another phase of the journey.

One must maintain his success in order to continue living a productive life. Given Marc’s success, he has shown a willingness to share his secrets with other aspiring entrepreneurs so that they will have a smoother journey. Marc Sparks has traveled his journey and paved the road for others.

Madison Street Capital Making Positive Change!

Acting as an exclusive financial advisor, Madison Street Capital has created a “minority equity and subordinated debt investment” for ARES Security Corporation, which is an esteemed company dealing with risk management for enterprise security that offers accessible solutions for software security. Revealing the transaction ushered by Reginald McGaugh, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, The CEO Charles Botchway was quoted at reveling in the “honor” it was to be involved with such an important project.


About Madison Street Capital


As an international banking firm designed around investments, Madison Street Capital is an outstanding business comprised of loyal people who focus on dedicated services that cater to their extensive knowledge in corporate finances, valuation in accordance with both public and private businesses, mergers and acquisitions, and overall finances. Making sure to care for each project with fresh eyes that considers each individual client’s needs and wants as the most important thing. No matter whether it is in concerns for M&A transfers or transactions or capital raises and financial advise, Madison Street Capital makes sure to make its clients the most important part of their day. With unwavering loyalty and a genuine concern for the absolute best interest of its clients, Madison Street Capital has made phenomenal strides in its time and grown into an outstanding company.


Over time throughout the years of its existence, Madison Street Capital has assisted in hundreds of different markets finding their way to achieving the goals each has drawn up for themselves thanks to the extensive knowledge Madison Street Capital has in regards to both corporate governance and corporate finance. Madison Street Capital has offices all over the world in multiple countries such as Africa, North America, and Asia and has done well in obtaining a very important world view that stresses not only a brilliant work ethic, but also an understanding for the important role made by small businesses as well as local businesses and networks. With an exemplary business model for themselves and an admirable approach to assisting in the success rate of countless other business ventures along the way, Madison Street Capital has managed to do amazing things while offering a wide array of services based on their extensive expertise in subjects such as wealth preservation and tax planning, financial opinions, asset management industry focus, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, and corporate advisory.


Through out its time in the business, Madison Street Capital has managed to become an integral part of the banking world as well as the business world through its astronomical level of assistance in assuring business security for countless facilities outside of themselves. The Madison Street Capital reputation is officially one in great standing and remarkable merit.


Thirst for Change for George Soros

Everyone around the world has a desire to see change. Such one-of-a-kind man is George Soros. He has been desiring to see change in the political and leadership landscape. Through his Open Society Foundations, George Soros has been able to impact the world and still support different political spirants. The latest in the list is Hillary Clinton. The billionaire is said to have spent over $25 million to help boost the candidature of Hilary Clinton. Soros is also remembered for his immense support of $27 million in the 2004 elections. Therefore, his support for Clinton on Forbes is not new but a sure sign of his deep commitment to see change in the world.

As a political philanthropist, George Soros has been passionate about the public interest. His contribution in the election period saw him attended Democratic convention for the first time as a way of showing solidarity to the party and the preferred presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. The billionaire has a 25 year friendship with Hilary Clinton. His political adviser also noted his exceptional support on Politico to the Democratic courses unlike in other years. This is because of the amount of money he committed to boost Hilary Clinton’s candidature and other aspirants in the Democratic Party.

Why Support Change

George Soros who is an 85 year old Hungarian-American business magnate has reasons why he supports change in the leadership of a country. He has been supporting change due to unresolved issues such as immigration reforms and criminal justice reforms. His desire to see a country that has effective structures in criminal justice reforms makes him even the more, ready to offer his contribution in the election. George Soros is also passionate about religious tolerance. Soros has also been known to be a catalyst of other political donors due to his prudent influence in making donations.

The support of Soros has been focused on fighting hate crimes on He is passionate about seeing a peaceful nation where people can live freely. He thus empowers the civil rights organizations who direct their efforts in tracking hate crimes and preventing violence. Therefore, his endeavors have been hailed due to the peaceful coexistence it will create amongst all Americans.

Response to Election Outcome

The election of Donald Trump was considered a shock by many people. The support given by George Soros, however, did not go down the drain. His response after the election of Donald Trump was that he is passionate of supporting change and democracy around the world. Therefore, he did not support Clinton out of ill motives. The response has been to the people who felt he funded the demonstrations which emerged right after Donald Trump was announced as the president elect.

Soros and other high profile political donors responded to the election of Donald Trump by organizing a 3 day meeting in Washington. The meeting that was held behind closed doors was graced by members of Democratic Alliance, which was formed by George Soros. The focus of Soros and his other liberals is to create a progressive vision, which will eventually lead to a just nation where people can share resources equitably and even live peacefully.

The Health And Growth Of Waiakea Water

Waiakea water is quickly gaining fame for the high quality of water it offers. It has grown in just three years by 5,000%. There are a lot of driving factors behind the growth of the company. One factor is how healthy the water is. Waiakea has been shown to be very healthy.

Not only is the water pure, but it is also filled with electrolytes. One of the important traits of water is the alkaline content. Organic Authority has it that the alkaline content in Waiakea spring water can in fact bring about many great health benefits beyond what other forms of water can bring. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

There have been very little scientific studies on the benefits of alkaline in the water. Among the benefits that it could bring humans is that it helps cure acid reflux. One of the ways it does that is by deactivating pepsin in vitro. According to Baby Boomster, this is because of the bicarbinate that goes along with the alkalinity in water from Waiakea water.

This is one of the reasons that Waiakea Water is quickly growing to be one of the most popular forms of water. Other reasons behind its popularity is that it provides all of the other benefits of water to go along with the exclusive benefits.

Among the other benefits that Waiakea water offers with its water are improved metabolism, improved mental function and plenty of other benefits. Therefore, people who have goals to lose weight, become healthier or succeed in any business, then water could help then achieve their goals.

After all, most of the body is made up of water. This is why it is important for people to make sure that the quality of water is very high. Water with contaminants could actually negate the health benefits that water would otherwise carry.

Waiakea water is the brand that offers water that maximizes the health benefits that people want. Therefore, the company will continue to grow. Waiakea also shows the importance of making sure that the water one drinks is healthy. For one thing, it is well known that it is not good to drink tap water. However, bottled water is not better. One has to always do research in order to find the source of the water.

Once a dropout is now helping young entrepreneurs accomplish their dreams.

With education becoming more valuable it becomes much harder for anyone to obtain a job or be successful without going through secondary education and picking up a degree. All of the money spent towards education is investing into the growth of our future.


Mike Baur is a well-known individual that left school early to become a famous investor and mentor. Baur is not the first successful dropout and there will be plenty more to come. He is an experienced money manager operating in Finland. Baur helps the young Finish business owners grow out their product or service. He worked on a project called the Swiss Start Up Factory. This factory helps small growing businesses get the equipment they need to grow out and be successful.


The Swiss Start Up Factory is an intense training course for entrepreneurs to grow their business out as fast as possible. The program is very helpful for businesses that are working with digital technologies. Baur and his co-workers select the hardest working individuals that can succeed. He fist offers them an investment to get the tools they need and then starts coaching them.


It is tricky for young business owners to get help when large businesses are towering over them stealing business. Getting the money and resources to turn an idea into a business helps, but having a coach offer advice is a once in a lifetime deal.


The Swiss Start Up Factory will continue to focus on working locally in Finland, but could see international partnerships in the near future. The factory system will continue to help as many as possible. The company is partnered with Geneva-Fintech Accelerator Fusion.


Mike Baur is the founder of this factory entrepreneurship program. He has worked for over 20 years in investing and banking industries. Baur was an employee of the Swiss banking industry and has helped run a number of fundraisers and loaning projects.


Swiss Startup Factory was created in 2014. It is a Zurich-based program that seeks out digital entrepreneurs with talent and motives to join the program. All of the other related programs can not really compare. The accelerator program has plenty of partnerships around the Switzerland and is expanding to other countries. All of the young digital entrepreneurs that have been helped by this factory program share one common goal. That goal is to work hard and be successful in a short time period. The training course runs for one quarter of the year.


Capital Group’s New Chairman Is A Genius of Investment

Tim Armour is a chairman and chief executive officer at one of the largest and most renowned investment management organizations, Capital Group. Timothy D. Armour began in college studying economics and has since attained a bachelor’s degree in the field from Middlebury College which is a private liberal arts college.

Tim Armour is a man with vast experience in investing which he has excelled at propelling thru the corporate ladder. Before attaining his position as chief executive officer he served at Capital Group as a participant in their Associates Program. Then later as an equity investment analyst, where he worked within global telecommunications and U.S. Service companies. Tim Armour advises to “Find active managers who earn their keep.”

He wants managers working under his wing to look at the finer details of companies, rather than indulging in the not guaranteed future. Janet Yang, the CFA of Capital Group credits their successes on Armour’s ability to find a companies specific needs and keeping employees aligned to the requirements of the task. A great example of an accomplishment of Mr. Armour is the strategic partnership between Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management that he took part in help forming. Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management plan on co-developing retirement solutions and asset allocation products, while also enhancing Samsung Asset Managements investment capability.

Timothy Armour also stated “ The broader plan is to co-design investment solutions to fulfill the savings, retirement and insurance-linked needs of Korean investors.” Samsung Asset Management wants knowledge of Capital Group’s way of investing, while Capital Group wants to know how Samsung markets and distributes products to Korean investors. Tim Armour is very opinionated about the market sell-off of 2015. Commenting on the market volatility created by China he stated, “We’ve had a six year bull run in the U.S. and rising markets in most other parts of the world.”

Tim Armour believes China will transform from a closed, investment based economy to a more open, consumer led-economy. In summary, Tim Armour has made the one of the oldest and most successful companies in investment management flourish extensively more. In effect earning him the high ranking position he acquired. Timothy D. Armour is a true genius of investment.

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Goings-On on at The Quincy

A 21 year old young man who is widely known for committing many robberies against pizza delivery drivers at gun point, has had yet another charge added to his long list of prior crimes. Mr. Parysh Wood was already serving time in the Middlesex County jail for numerous armed robberies against delivery drivers, when police discovered evidence that he was responsible for yet another robbery that took place in the area of Quincy, at the New Brunswick Hotel. This hotel is one of the more famous hotels in that area and primarily does business with wealthy executives and other high profile individuals from around the globe.


Cell phone data has been used to prove that Mr. Wood was in the exact location at the time of the reported robbery, according to South Brunswick police. Sergeant Jim Ryan, stated that their investigators have obtained sufficient evidence and that actually, the police are convinced beyond any doubts that Mr. Wood is guilty of this latest armed robbery, which occurred around 9:30 P.M. The Pizza delivery driver confirmed that he was robbed at gunpoint by more than one individual at that hour, all of whom demanded to obtain the sum of his money, as well as the pizza that he was delivering at the time.


Detective Ron Seaman stated that the cellular phone data itself links Mr. Wood to the crimes specific location at the hour that the crime took place. Mr. Seaman is an investigator who works closely with the Middlesex County Prosecutor Office and is primarily responsible for collecting this evidence. Mr. Wood goes by several monikers including “Pistol” as his street name and was assisted in his crime by two other individuals. Many consider this event to be a rare occurrence for that area of town and the Police department desires to ensure that such behaviors do not take place again. To this end, they are charging the individuals accordingly.

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