Securus Technologies Gives Families New Options for Visitation

Securus Technologies is undoubtedly changing the way that people communicate when it comes to prison technology. I think that this company is going to make it much more convenient for people to stay connected even if they are far away. This communication system has become incredibly popular because it brings for a whole new wave of technology-based video visitation communication options.


When I was growing up this was not something that was available when I was trying to visit my father who was incarcerated. Any time that we had a chance to visit him it would always be through a physical visit. It is true that I enjoy this type of visitation, but it became a hindrance when he was moved to another facility that was much farther away. A lot of time that was spent with previously spent visiting would be replaced by letters for communicating instead. It became too much of a burden for my mother to engage in regular visits with my father this way. That is why I have embraced the new technology that has been created by Securus Technologies.


This company has managed to take a complex scenario and make it very simple by allowing people to conduct video visits through their phones and their iPads. I definitely think that this is beneficial to this new generation of young people that may have family members that are locked away. I certainly believe that it serves as a true testament for just how far that technology has come.


I think that it is easy to make excuses about communicating, but Securus Technologies is a company that is breaking down all the walls. People do not have the luxury of making an excuse anymore because Securus Technologies has literally brought video visitation right to their front door.


Video Marketing-Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a Florida Video Marketing Company founded by Bob Reina who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the firm the Chief executive Officer has been writing articles which have been posted on Huffington which has changed its name to HuffPost. Some of the posts that Mr. Reina published on April 2017 include; How to thrive in a society of quitters, and promoting with purpose; how to understand your audience. HuffPost has changed its name and with the name change it has also come with a new purpose as well as the mission of telling the stories of people who seem to be left out; this is according to the Chief Editors letter Lydia Polgreen.

HuffPost have chosen to include Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion; Bob Reina in their mission and according to Reina; he trusts in the art of invention and he believes that a brand is never complete. In a statement; Mr. Reina said that through his humanitarian activities he has been able to assist other ambitious individuals to succeed despite their background and stories. Bob has shown his efforts through the articles he writes and posts on HuffPost. Mr. Bob has been part of HuffPost since 2016 where he has been a major contributor. Bob has mainly been focusing on self-development, skillful marketing, video technology trends, lifestyle, as well as entrepreneurship marketing. Bob said that he was more than thrilled to see that HuffPost has taken a unique step to honor things that matter including contentment and culture. Bob is looking forward to successful years where he will be sharing his articles as well as success stories to the world. Learn more:

Talk Fusion can be described as a home for video marketing. The video organization was created in 2007 by Bob Reina who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Company. The primary purpose of Talk Fusion is to assist business to stand out as they realize their long-term as well as personal goals. Through their services and products, Talk Fusion helps their clients to increase their sales and profit as they maintain their customers as well. Talk Fusion’s products are available in more than 140 countries and they are marketed one-on-one by individuals’ associates. In all their video resolutions; the firm offers 30-day free trial. Talk Fusion is not a video marketing company but they are much involved in humanitarian activities in the region.


Kevin Seawright Administration and Finance Proficiency

PR Newswire reported that Kevin Seawright a prominent business man who has always ensured that upcoming entrepreneurs have succeeded in their business endeavors. Mostly he guides them on the right path on how to be successful Furthermore he also give them small capital s so they can establish and improve their businesses.

He also searches business opportunities all over the world these will enable the organization to have more clients.

As a philanthropist, he as well ensures that he support and participate in funding charity projects hence they are able to assist deprived people in the community. Furthermore, at Newark Economic Development Corporation, he serves as the Chief Financial Officer. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

He also is certain that through having exceptional technique as a business man it enables one to prosper they are having a better solution, team work, and business understanding.

Furthermore through creating good techniques with the involvement of receivable, collection, current pay roll and good payable he is able to provide better services.

According to Crunchbase, through using the creative link with the current financial and business goals are behind the success of Kevin Seawright. Furthermore, the expansion of the organization has helped The Mid-Atlantic region.

Due to the increase in revenue in the organization of 25% in return the organization raised rapidly. His accomplishment in terms of assets increased to $400 million due to the capital and federal bond.

Kevin Seawright main role at the organization is to employment, compensation alteration and creating better techniques.

Through partnering with the largest organization in the world they are able to expand their services all over the world and their services are affordable hence increasing the number of clients in the organization.

Furthermore, the companies have certain values that the staff members always abide through this help and guide them in every activity they do.

Some of the top entrepreneurs have succeeded due to the company helping them through the entire process of being successful business people. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

The organization creates a good rapport with their clients hence they are able guaranteed to be satisfied with the services that they receive. Lastly, the main goal of the organization is to treat clients equally and ensure they are satisfied.


Goettl has revealed that plans are underway to complete the attainment of Walton’s. However, the financial information of the acquisition of Walton’s Heating and Air by Goettl Air Conditioning was not revealed.

Walton’s Heating and Air is an HVAC company which is based in Southern California. The family owned company plans to broaden its horizons through this deal. The owner of the company Todd Longbrake admitted that the business had started to become stagnant. However, Goettl had started showing interest in this business deal since 2015 began. Walton’s owner was apprehensive about it, but after hearing about the track record of Goettl and Ken Goodrich, who is its owner, from other companies in HVAC, he gave the transaction an opportunity.

Even though the transaction was completed in 2015, both companies had held on the good news. This is because they still had to sort out operation and marketing issues at Walton’s. Moreover, Mr. Longbrake has been assimilated into the company as a field supervisor and sales manager. The owner of Walton’s admits that since the companies joined forces, they have been able to expand their horizons.

Mr. Goodrich also revealed that Longbrake has already become a leader in the company and he has taken into the company culture. Goodrich took care of the challenges that cropped up during the acquisition because he believed in the business power of Walton’s. Regardless of the fact that Walton’s was stagnant during the time that the acquisition took place, Goodrich still believed in Walton’s. The fact that the companies had similar family oriented backgrounds and values also played a huge role in the success of the deal. Check out Azcentral for more.

This deal has allowed Goettl to have a presence in California. The company already exists in Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix. The acquisition will add 200 more employees from the initial number which was slightly over 300. These vacancies will be where the company’s presence is felt more that is in Phoenix and Tucson. The air conditioning company is planning to take over Texas and Northern California. Goettl aims to grow into a national brand.

About Goettl

According to The Bro Talk, Goettl Air Conditioning is an HVAC company that deals with heating services and commercial air conditioning repair.The family oriented company was started in 1939 by Adam Goetll and Gust Goetll. Nonetheless, the company has been owned by numerous people before Goodrich purchased it. It provides heating equipment, humidifier, air cleaner, AC services, replacement, maintenance and repair of these services. In addition to this, the company also provides drain services and plumbing services through its affiliate company The Sunny Plumber.

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This man, Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is an English mathematician, who is known for His thesis work in Probability, while at Banach Spaces. He was involved in finding a solution for law of the iterated logarithm Ergodic theory, and Harmonic Analysis are some of his contributions in the field of mathematics

He was born on September 26th, 1959 and received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, which was under the directorship of Walter Philip in the year 1987. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

He was posted in Louisiana University after acquiring his doctorate and later at the University of North Carolina where together with Walter Philip, they discovered the Central Limit Theorem.

He received an award called The Salem Prize together with Christoph Thiele after their contribution to Hilbert Transform discipline in 1996. He also got another award Georgia Tech NSF-ADVANCE Mentoring Award among many others.

  • Fellowship

He is a member of both Guggenheim Fellowship (2004), American Mathematical Society (2012), Simons, Fulbright, and Nsf Post-Doctoral.

  • Mentorship

Michael lectures at Georgia Institute of Technology. He has mentored many undergraduates, and about 40% attend STEM graduate program. One of his mentees, an NSF Graduate Research fellowship, dedicated their award to him because of his advice and encouragement. He acknowledged his recommendations for him and said he would not have achieved that much without his help. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

  • Works of charity

Michael Lacey is involved in major works of charity. Some of the selected few include

$130,000 donations to Simon’s Foundation, grants to individuals in NSF, Conference Grant for and CRM program in Barcelona, Spain, $32,000. He also gave $730,000 for NSF MCTP (Undergraduate Program), Conference Grant, for Program at Fields Institute, $50,000 NSF FRG $350,000, with U. Georgia, hens, and U. Missouri Columbia. He won NSF $2,100,000 VIGRE award for the School of Mathematics

  • Publications

Michael has many publications to his name. Some of these are; Two Weight Inequality for the Hilbert Transform, Pointwise convergence of vector-valued Fourier series, Inequality for Haar shift operators, and the small ball inequality in all dimensions with all the revised copies to mention but a few.

Michael Lacey’s spoke for 45 minutes in the International Congress of Mathematicians, Berlin Germany. His efforts towards developing the field of math are to be appreciated.

Mark Hutchinson and Wild Ark

Mark Hutchinson has had many adventures since the age of 19. He has created two businesses, traveled by car across Africa, went through a lot of schooling, got married, and had children. He has counted himself as a life long student and has been to school multiple times. Mark and his family love nature and go on bush walks often. His dream is to reintroduce society to nature again.

Mark at age 19 traveled Africa by vehicle. At age 22 he created his first business, called UNTAMED, along with a name change to Avana, his company revolved around ecotourism and training. Although that company went under, he developed his dream company Wild Ark. Learn more:

Wild Ark came from Mark’s dream of saving, as they calls it, “preserving the world’s fragile ecosystem”. Mark and Anton Lategan became business partners when they created a strong bond over nature and helping others reconnect with nature. Mark’s goal with his company Wild Ark is to buy land to keep it protected from society and to repair it’s natural beauty.

Mark Hutchinson has pursued many degrees. He has earned a bachelors in economics, an MBA, and is now currently pursuing a masters in conservation biology. He opened Wild Ark not only to preserve the lands but to help animals by protecting their homes. Mark believes that society has lost touch with nature and would like to reconnect them with that part. Learn more:

The idea behind Mark’s adventure companies is from his past experience. He would go on remote wilderness adventures. The way Mark works his company is the same way he and his family are at home. Mark and his two girls go on bush walks and watch the living animals. They live by the beach and re-connect to wilderness from the water or from nature itself.


Securus Technologies: Leader in Prison Technologies

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas based company that specializes in prison technologies. The company is proudly one of the biggest suppliers of government information management solutions as well as detainee communications and parolee tracking. Securus has four main offices which are located in Atlanta Georgia, Allen Texas, Carrolton Texas, and the previously stated headquarters in Dallas Texas. This prison technology company was founded back in 1986 and by now is reported to have contracts with over 2,500 prison establishments all around the United States including the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico.

Securus Technologies also serves 2,200 correctional facilities in both the United States and in Canada. Because of the mass amount of correctional facilities that utilize Securus Technologies, this makes the company actively responsible for over one million inmates nationwide. One product Securus is very proud of is their wireless cell phone containment system which is a system used to observe and contain the use of contraband wireless cell phones in correctional facilities. The system cleverly blocks a wireless device from connecting to a mobile network.

Many correctional facilities have spoken up about the incredible advantages that have made themselves apparent when utilizing products from Securus Technologies. One facility customer excitedly reported that because of the assistance of Securus they were able to locate a corrupt staff member which led to the immediate arrest of said worker. Another facility customer noted that the use of Securus products helped their correctional facility acquire information regarding drug use inside of the facility, threats made by inmates, suspicious conversations, and inmate alcohol use. So many of Securus’ customers have noted the exceptional work in inmate security that Securus has made possible by providing upstanding service and quality technological advancements. Because of their software, millions have been recovered in illegal assets, drugs, and money.

Sawyer Howitt’s Picks Of Great Cities For Millennials

Millennials are taking over the world. With the ever-changing technology of today millennials are becoming entrepreneurs more than ever before. All around nice guy and business-savvy millennial businessman Sawyer Howitt gives us the lowdown on the best cities for this dynamic and business-minded group of young people.

It’s not surprising that four of these cities are located in California. Palo Alto’s Stanford University occupies some of the most brilliant innovators. This city’s median household income is just shy of $150,000, far larger than most areas. People are high educated and go there to become multi-billionaires. They unemployment rate is just 2.6 percent. Yorba Linda is the next flourishing city on the map, and one of the richest cities in America. 83 percent of residents own their home and the median income is above $121,000. Santa Monica has 23,000 successful startup businesses, and 2/3 of them are women. Last, but not least is San Francisco with 45 percent of residents have at least a Bachelor’s degree. It is one of the biggest business capitals of the country and is home of a lot of great technology based businesses.

Austin, Texas’s population is 1/5 millennials. The percent of business loans per person is encouraging to say the least. Salt Lake City is a clean and affordable city for young people. Residents are very motivated to fund young people’s businesses, making it an attraction for young entrepreneurs.

Sawyer Howitt is an up and coming young entrepreneur and philanthropist. He works at his father’s company Meriwether Group as a Project Manager. They are a business development service based in Portland, Oregon. His role is to help companies adapt to technology, in a world where it is always changing.

Sawyer Howitt has the knowledge and ability to know what a business needs to grow when it comes to finances and daily operations. He is business-savvy and also has directed a number of philanthropic causes like women’s rights, the mentoring of youth, and is leading of international ethnic study group. He is planning to attend the University of California, Berkeley in the fall of 2017. He plans on graduating from their Entrepreneurial Finance degree program in four years.

Success Academy Improves Children’s Testing Scores

Many schools in New York City are struggling with the scores that their students have to be able to pass the tests that they are doing. This is something that the schools are consistently working to fight and something that they have not been able to do because of the problems that come along with the experiences that each of these schools have. As the schools have grown and the areas have gotten busier, this is something that has only gotten worse. Success Academy, a public charter school in New York, has been able to battle this and they have been able to make things better for all of the students who they work with. It is something that has given them the chance to try new things and something that has also allowed them the opportunity that they need to be able to succeed through the different parts of their schooling career.


Success Academy does this in many different ways. First, they require the children to go to school for a longer period of time. They also require their students to wear uniforms so that they will feel like they are in a professional position while they are in school. This has all led to the school being more successful and the students feeling like they are better prepared for all of the different things that might happen in their own school career. They also give students more opportunities by allowing them to learn in a way that is familiar to them instead of making all of the students learn in the same environment.


For Success Academy, there are many options that students have for learning. They can choose to do different things and they can learn in a way that is all their own. Even when children are in the lower grades, they will be allowed to learn in a way that doesn’t even feel like learning to them. By exploring the world around them in the classroom, they can find out what they need to know and can become experienced with all of the different things that are close to them.

Jim Tananbaum, The Healthcare Investment Capitalist

Foresite Capital is an enterprise that was born out of the experience that spans over 25 years and realization of the fact that there was a great need to cover various gaps that had not been addressed in the healthcare sector. Jim Tananbaum who understand the various up and downs that exist in the area of health added extra effort in bringing change to the industry.

Jim Tananbaum realized that there are very many ideas that need to be incorporated into the health care sector and the significant hurdle that prevents such an achievement is the lack of adequate capital. Since the healthcare sector requires high precision, this factor translates into the capital requirement needed to satisfy the needs of the industry. Jim Tananbaum, therefore, decided to establish for site Capital, where he acts as the chief executive officer, to boost the efforts of different people who needed to make their ideas come to life and smoothen up different processes in the medical industry. Check out LinkedIn to know more.

Mind Strong Health, for instance, has been able to acquire over $14 million from Foresite Capital and other investment companies. It plans to advance its research in the general population on the various neuropsychiatric complications that affect different people. Mind Strong Health is succeeding in its quest simply by using a smartphone application that collects data based on the manner in which a particular user taps on the screen. By investing into such a great course, Jim Tananbaum ensures that more can be achieved in the medical industry.

Tananbaum has founded and co-founded various health care enterprises that deal with varying cases, and this has led him to be listed as number 52 on the Midas List. Forbes makes use of the list to outline the various capitalists in the financial markets, who advance different projects that create a significant impact on the general society.

GelTex which is a pharmaceutical company that was acquired for approximately $1.6 billion back in 1998 at a time when the original drug produced by the firm was only able to amass an annual revenue of about $200 million. Currently, Renzela can bring back annual income of about $1 billion indicating that Jim’s investments help to bring change.

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