Madison Street Capital Nominated for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards

A press release on Benzinga announced that Madison Street Capital had been nominated for two categories in the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. Madison Street Capital reputation in the financial sector has considerably been boosted since the announcement.


M&A Advisor is an organization that monitors, analyzes, and recognizes the accomplishments that investment banking institutions have achieved every year.The leaders of the organization have been scrutinizing various companies that deserve to receive the highest accolades in this sector.


The honors are for Industrial Deal of the Year and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year in the international category. Firms that have made a huge, positive impact on the global market are the only ones eligible for these prestigious awards.


The arrangement that made it possible for Madison Street Capital to be honored is the successful procurement of Acuña & Asociados S.A. by The Dowco Group of Companies. The cross-border deal in which Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Directors Jay Rodgers and Karl D’Cunha played significant roles.


The corporation that was acquired is headquartered in Chile, and it can help the latter realize its ultimate goal of turning into one of the leading providers of steel detailing and three-dimensional modeling services globally.


The Madison Street Capital worked as a financial counselor for the acquirer through the whole acquisition process. The CEO of the firm, Charles Botchway, acknowledged that Dowco has been a consistent client of the Madison Street Capital, and they are content to lend thoughtful opinions regarding the economic end of the deal.


Karl D’Cunha said that the entire team was delighted to be considered for the coveted awards.


About the Finalist


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking institution known for having a respectable record in the financial market. Established in 2005, the firm has consistently shown its diligence and aspiration to assist budding and seasoned business owners alike in making sound financial decisions before company mergers or acquisition of assets. Some of the services Madison Street Capital offer include business assessment, financial report evaluation, and organization consultation among others.


Although recognized widely in the world, Madison Street Capital is focused on assisting middle market entrepreneur to meet their financial objectives, realize the full potential of their business to become successful in a particular industry and get ahold of prominent dealmakers who have adequate knowledge and experience in mergers and acquisitions. The firm’s headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois, with several branches throughout Asia, Africa, and North America.


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Musicians: Tools of The Trade


The life of a musician can be a difficult one. Trying to achieve the perfect sound can be a challenge because of the sheer amount of variance the sonic world is subjected to. Everything from the space you’re in to the shape of your instrument can affect the sound. That’s why it’s important to work with established brands that have a reputable history.

For the guitarist, some of the best acoustic guitar brands such as Gibson or Fender are household names. With a long history, Gibson has been making instruments for over 100 years while Fender has been making them for over 70 years. These are tried and true brands and are arguably the best simply from the production companies longevity alone. If you are a studio musician, or if you prefer to engineer your own records, the next logical step is to purchase a powerful pair of headphones.

Some of the best headphone brands come from the company Bose, which provides high end headphones of superior quality. The other popular brand is Audio Technica, a brand that will be familiar to any self-proclaimed audio fanatic. Both brands offer masterful studio headphones of impressive engineering designed to provide the most accurate sound for studio use.

The Importance of Social Security Investments According to David Giertz

In a financial perspective it is very important to look at the issue of social security. A survey conducted by the nationwide security institute confirmed that most advisers are not talking about the social security and this has made those who have retired and those that are attaining the retirement age to change advisers on Twitter. Furthermore, the advisers avoid the topic on social security because it is complex to comprehend. Similarly, advisers should take interest in the social security since clients will start moving out if they think about the retirement process. Social security is important so that the clients can know about the consequences of taking retirement benefits early and the advantages of delaying these benefits.

Since April 2013 David Giertz has been the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors. Previously in march the same year he held the position of vice president. He also serves as the president, senior Vice president and director for other Nationwide companies. Prior to his current position he served as a vice president, Sales FI/WH from the year 2009 to 2013 and later as a vice president-NF sales (Bank Channel) from 2004 to 2009. David recommends the creation of an income plan on that will be in exclusive of the Social security benefits.

Read more: Insurance Agent at Nationwide Financial Institution in Fort Lauderdale, FL

According to the study a majority of the retirees tend to experience unexpected problems such as health earlier than expected forcing them to take up their retirement benefits early. This should not be the case since taking up benefits early leads to a lower monthly amount after retirement on Most retirees with advisers tend to foresee such occurrences and avoid them. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for those without advisers. This shows that advisers play a major role in facilitating proper planning for retirement. As such, the advisers should also advise clients on social security to ensure that the clients are fully prepared.


MB2 Dental – Helping Dentists Run Their Dental Practice Successfully And Profitably

Yellow Pages said that MB2 Dental is an organization that help the dentists take care of the business part of running a dental office without compromising on the care or treatment offered to the patients. It helps in offloading the burden of managing a dental office and backend administration from the shoulders of dentists.

It is concept based firm founded by the dentist and for the dentist to help the dentists to run their dental practice in a simplified manner while ensuring the profitability remains.

Often it is seen that the time and effort that the dentists put in running the dental office impacts their core function of providing quality care to the patients.

According to White Pages, running a dental practice means to focus on too many aspects of the business, but with MB2 Dental having the back of the dentists; it becomes easier for the dentists to only concentrate on providing quality diagnosis while leaving the rest of the worries for the MB2 to take care of.

Taking care of administrative and operational efficiency of the dental office is a daunting task. There are many aspects of running a dental office successfully on a day to day basis that needs attention from the dentists. In the absence of supervision, things can disarray over a period that ultimately leads to tremendous losses or failure in maintaining a high quality of care.

The patients can suffer from malpractice or inconvenience as well if the administration is not efficient in handling their appointments, post-treatment follow-up, billing issues, and much more.

The performance of the dentists, whether running a solo practice or in a group practice model, would eventually suffer if the backend administration is not running smoothly. Dentists are trained to provide dental services and treatment and not actually run the dental office profitably or manage the business side of it.

It is not impossible, but it certainly adds to their job responsibilities that would dry up their enthusiasm for providing quality care. In the long run, if the patients do not get smooth backend services along with quality dental treatment, the impression of the dentists gets a beating.

MB2 Dental offers a range of services to the dentists in handling their dental office, which includes all the aspects of running the office smoothly. It includes managing all the departments of running a dental office, such as human resources, auditing, IT support, accounting, compliance, business development, billing and appointment, procurement, database management, recruitment and staffing, marketing, finance and taxes, collections, and more.

MB2 Dental offers consulting services for the dental offices to help them run their dental practice successfully and profitably while filtering out the harmful elements that can affect their profitability in the long term.

Nationwide Title Clearing Takes a Lead in Post-Closing Services

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is a respectable research and document-processing provider for the mortgage and financial industry. Since its inception in 1991, the Palm Harbor based company has grown to become one of the best provider of document, research and audit services to the mortgage investors, servicers and lenders across the globe. NTC uses highly trained employees to deliver customized and cost effective services in Collateral File Audit and Remediation, Lien Releases, Document Retrieval, Assignment Verification Reports, Property Reports, MERS Services and e-Recording Services. With a database of documents captured in over 3600 county jurisdictions across the nation, NTC is capable of delivering accurate document processing and research services that preserve the nation’s records while protecting the interests of landowners, and assist the mortgage banking industry in satisfying its customer needs.


In order for NTC to maintain its current market ranking, the company has designed elaborate training programs that ensure that employees are abreast with the changing trends in their area of specialization. Continuous skills upgrade has had a profound impact in achieving a 99.9% customer satisfaction rate, which has never been attained by any player in this industry. The company’s training efforts have been revamped further to cover clients who include lenders, investors and mortgage servicers. The customized client training program is dubbed “The two-day training program” aimed at deepening the client’s understanding on the foundations of residential mortgage finance. Dave LaRose, NTC’s Vice President of Technical Excellence, is the lead person in the development of this innovative training program.


NTC continues to adopt new operational approaches geared towards strengthening its position as a market leader in the provision of post-closing services to the nation’s largest financial institutions, investors and servicers. Recently, NTC announced the launch of Assignment Verification Xpress (AVX), which is the simplified form of Assignment Verification Report (AVR) that is faster and cheaper but offers the same quality of research as its predecessor. Better still, the company launched an updated website, making online property reports ordering easier.


Nationwide Title Clearing concerted efforts in providing the best working conditions for its employees earned the firm the 2016 Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplace honor. The company has won this anonymous employee feedback survey award five times. NTC has also been ranked as an Inc. 5000 company for four years since 2012.


NTC is committed to making a positive impact in Palm Harbor community, through philanthropic activities and community involvement.


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How Investors Can Maximize Their Returns

Warren Buffet is one of the cautious investors. He is willing to invest on an S&P 500 passive index fund as opposed to entrusting his money to hedge fund managers. He is satisfied with simple long term investments with low costs. He uses the bottom up investment approach which has been gaining returns for investors over the years. In the recent yearly shareholder’s letter Buffet offered some wisdom based on his investment experience. He told the consumers to be wary of product labels. He says that there are too many expensive and mediocre funds that feed off investors. Moreover, many mutual funds lead to poor long term returns because of the high management fees, excessive trading and the risks and opportunity.

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Timothy D. Armour argues that to some extent Warren Buffet is right. It is the high time to challenge the fact that passive index returns are the best for better retirement. The index funds provide no cushion against the down markets but they have their own place. Additionally, despite the fact that trillions of dollars have passed through the passive investments only half of the investors are aware that index funds expose them to 100 percent losses and volatility during market downturns. This may be true but Timothy advises the investors to stop taking chances in their investment. Instead, they should embrace the services of managers who will be actively involved and willing to sacrifice their time to make most returns for them.

Mr. Amour holds a bachelor degree in Economics from Middlebury College. Previously he was an analyst at Equity investment Capital where his work is to deal with telecommunications globally and also in the united states service companies. Tim was elected the chairman of Capital Group one of the world’s leading investment management firms by the board of after the passing on of Jim Rothenberg who was the former Chairman.

The Best New Thing In New York Is The Madison County Courier

The Madison County Courier is established to guide people in New York to the perfect attorney for their situation. With the rise of cases in all areas of the law, this new service has been helping thousands of people every single day. Any New Yorker skeptical of this new service can easily go to the appropriate website and observe all the wonderful reviews that can be found there. These wonderful reviews are updated on a daily basis, and all of the individuals leaving these reviews can be contacted.


Any individual in need of a lawyer for any situation can visit the Madison County Courier website 24 hours a day and seven days a week. A quick survey like document must be filled out. This document requires information regarding the type of attorney that is needed, the amount of money that is available to be spent, and the urgency of the matter. After this document is filled out, the individual in need of an attorney will receive a full list of all available attorneys for their situation.


There is absolutely no charge for this service. It is fully paid for by the New York Bar Association. Going further, any person feeling they have been overcharged can contact the New York Bar Association, and an investigation will be conducted immediately.


At all times, New Yorkers also have the right to contact Attorney Jerry Goldstein. Attorney Goldstein is responsible for putting this program together. He fought to make sure this service would be free and available to every individual within New York. Jerry is available by phone, email, or social media. Any person in need of additional information may contact him at any time. He has a few different degrees from various well-known schools. However, he is fantastic at helping common people fully understand legal terms.


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How Startup EOS Beat Chapstick

For almost a century the lip balm industry did not significantly change. The products sold by brands a century ago we almost identical to the modern equivalents of these products. All of that changed with EOS entered the lip balm market under a decade ago and the major market players are still trying to adapt to the disruption in the industry caused by the entry of EOS.

When the co-founders of EOS examined the skincare industry they saw that the complacency on the part of the major players in the industry left room for a startup company like EOS to exploit this opportunity.

EOS surveyed lip balm customers who identified that:

– They did not feel strongly about their lip balm manufacturers

– Customers were looking for lip balms made with organic and all natural ingredients that were of higher quality than the current market offerings

Flavors of lip balm were limited in flavor and many of the options tasted medicinal

– They were constantly losing their lip balms in their handbags due to the shape of the lip balm tube

– Customers preferred applicators that were sanitary as opposed to those that they would apply with their fingers

To address these factors, EOS lip balm decided to build a product that appealed to women, the largest market segment. A revolutionary applicator orb was designed by EOS that stood out with bright colors and a convenient but striking case that could be applied in a sanitary manner. EOS used all-natural and organic ingredients that had a premium cost, but were ultimately more in line with customer preferences. A variety of tasty flavors were used which appealed more to the tastes of customers.

The newly designed lip balm that EOS created proved to be a real hit with customers and allowed them to displace Chapstick and other major players in the industry who are now emulating the products that EOS is selling on Target and Walmart stores. By listening to the needs of their customers, EOS has been able to create a loyal following became a major player in the lip balm industry.

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Fabletics- the recommended provider for women’s sportswear

Fashion and style are among the essentials in life. Regardless of any scenario or situation, it is always good to be geared in fashionable and stylish clothing. Hence, when it comes to sportswear, Fabletics was innovative enough to come up with a brand that could provide stylish sportswear for women. Apart from providing fashionable and stylish sportswear, Fabletics has also given the interested clients the courtesy of ordering customized outfits that fit their lifestyle.

In the case of offering each customer a personalized outfit, Fabletics usually carries out a brief survey so as to know more about what their clientele’s taste. The study involves giving out details such as; the type of outfits each client prefers .e.g. shorts as well as the types of workouts one regularly caries out. After the quick survey, one is then allowed to choose the preferred types of leggings that will suit their lifestyle. When one is done choosing the leggings, all they have to do is just sit back and enjoy their new appearance.

As for Fabletics, it has been noted that the company has gained significant recognition in the fashion industry. By having such a public reputation, it is evident that the clients are always happy with the services offered by the fashion company. Various clients have been satisfied with the quality of sportswear provided by Fabletics. The clothing is of good quality, and it also comes at an affordable price.

The prices offered by the company are relatively small as compared to the competitors who are still in the same industry. Basically, after choosing an outfit of choice, one is given an opportunity to be just a one-time shopper, and on the other hand, one can join the Fabletics VIP membership. By joining the VIP membership, one can benefit from the huge discounts offered to all members. Also, a fee is deducted from the customer’s credit card every 5th of the month.

The monthly fee serves as credit, and one can use it to purchase more outfits at his/her peril. Deduction of the monthly fee is not mandatory, if not interested in purchasing anything during a certain month; one can decline the payment to Fabletics. In the fashion industry, Fabletics has been able to gain such a good reputation due to the ability to offer quality outfits at a lower price than that of the competitors. As a member of the VIP forum at Fabletics, one is subjected to experience the relatively low prices offered to members. Hence, due to a large number of members, Fabletics is always able to sell more while making profits. So, in short, Fabletics have the advantage of a constant as well as a satisfied pool of clients who are loyal to the fashion brand.

Collaboration Replaces Competition With Marc Sparks

One of the many concepts that life is big on is irony. People have traditionally worked on location for their companies. However, there were a lot of different types of competition. There was also many cases of backstabbing and office politics. People have gotten ahead by throwing others under. The workplace has been known as a place of misery.

Fortunately, there is an alternative work environment. This type of work environment is a more collaborative environment. It is often occupied by entrepreneurs. The interesting thing is that entrepreneurs are actually collaborating with each other even though they are not working for the same company.

This phenomenon is very interesting, and yet it is something worth striving for. According to Wikipedia, This is one of the reasons that Marc Sparks has decided to take an office and transform it in order to bring forth more productivity and collaboration. It is probably not easy to figure out why people seem more collaborative than entrepreneurs.

Perhaps one of the reasons behind it is that people are more fulfilled since they are working jobs that they are more passionate about. This brings about a certain joy that is missing from the traditional workplace. Joyful people are more likely to share.

Marc himself knows this joy all too well, especially as a successful entrepreneur. He also understands that it is very important to find something that brings the most joy so that he will continue to work on the business even as a successful entrepreneur. For one thing, success is not a destination, but another phase of the journey.

One must maintain his success in order to continue living a productive life. Given Marc’s success, he has shown a willingness to share his secrets with other aspiring entrepreneurs so that they will have a smoother journey. Marc Sparks has traveled his journey and paved the road for others.