Dr. Saad Saad The Ultimate Philanthropist

Dr. Saad is a Palestine born doctor who attended Cairo University and graduated with his medical degree. Dr. Saad Saad did his internship here in the States and a part of it in England. Dr. Saad is well-traveled and is fluent in English and Arabic. One of the highlights of his career was when he was the Saudi Arabian Royal Family’s personal pediatric surgeon. Dr. Saad has performed surgery on the youngest child who had an aneurysm.

He has no biased approach to life. He sees every race as a human being because all the surgeries that he has done everyone has had the same organs in their body regardless of color, race, or religion. Besides being a practicing surgeon he was prominent in creating and developing a residency program. Read more: Dr. Saad Saad Medical Missions

The doctor currently lives and practices out of Eatontown, New Jersey. Dr. Saad is well respected as a pediatric surgeon and he is highly recognized for his expertise and in bringing different inventions to the medical field. He is also a philanthropist and has been helping underprivileged children. He was approached back in 2002 by an organization called Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

This organization is a nonprofit and was established in 1991. There was a specific child that the organization wanted him to assist. The child had a horrible gunshot injury and was stabilized at an Israeli hospital and then flew into America so Dr. Saad Saad could perform the surgery needed to heal the internal abdominal wounds.

Dr. Saad also assisted another child by assisting in finding the proper surgeon to perform a nerve transplant on the child who was injured by bomb on the Gaza Strip in 2013. After the child recovered from the surgery he was able to walk again. Dr. Saad believes strongly in helping the children and people of his home country.

He even list his main three reasons for traveling to Palestine. He states he wants to help the underprivileged, pass down skills, and help the economy.

Dr. Saad Saad has been recognized for his charitable efforts in Palestine by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and by the president of Palestine Mr. Mahmoud Abbas. The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund awarded the doctor with the Humanitarian Award. Dr. Saad received the Gold Medal of Palestine in 2015 for his service to the Palestine community.

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Don’t Make These Three Major Mistakes With Hair Conditioner

Chances are that you are using your hair conditioner in the wrong way.

Most people think applying condition is a matter of just dumping it on wet hair, rubbing it in everywhere and then rinsing it off. But experts say most people are making three major mistakes with conditioner.

  1. Not Starting Scalp First.

The best way to get the most out of conditioner is apply it to the bottom, or near your scalp first, and then work your way up. The bottom is where hair is oldest, dirtiest and damaged. Applying top down can make for oily roots.

  1. Using Your Fingers Only

A comb is better than fingers. Most people rub in conditioner and massage with their fingers, but a much better way to get even distribution is to use a wide-toothed comb. Every strand gets coated evenly. This approach is especially good for thick hair.

  1. Not rinsing thoroughly enough.

Not getting all conditioner rinsed off may result in clogged hair follicles. Unless a conditioner is specifically designed to be left in, make sure you rinse thoroughly after you give it several minutes to work its magic on your hair. Don’t rinse off right away — but make sure you rinse very well!

Bonus Tip:

You should also consider finding a conditioner brand that does not use sulfates, such as sodium lauryl sulfate. Wen Cleansing Conditioner sold on Amazon is an example of a brand that does not contain sulfates. WEN Conditioner favors natural ingredients in lieu of harsh sulfates, including chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, rosemary extract and glycerin as a humectant.

The “Wen” in Wen By Chaz Dean represents an alternative method of cleansing and conditioning hair. Using it means you can skip harsh shampoos entirely. The Wen By Chaz brand is a five-ingredient “all-in-one” cleanser-conditioner that leaves hair healthy, clean and conditioned.

For more information, visit wen.com.

Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basket Canter Opened In Las Vegas

Herbalife is known for providing athletes the nutrition and health support that they need to do their best on the field. Now, the premier global company announced that they had formed a partnership with IMPACT Basketball for the next 2 years that includes a renaming of their basketball center to the Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center. This center is based in Las Vegas and is the newest that they have opened. Along with providing the name for the building, Herbalife will also be creating and supplying nutrition programs that are customized to each of the basketball players that are part of the company’s team.

IMPACT has facilities in Los Angeles, California and Sarasota, Florida along with the Herbalife facility in Las Angeles. Their Herbalife 24 NSF Certified for Sports products will be available for their players and visitors at each one of these basketball centers in order to help improve the performance of their athletes across the United States. In a statement, their Managing Director and Senior Vice Presideny of the Herbalife operations in the United States expressed how happy the company was to be working with IMPACT as their official sponsor. he knows that the training regimens that the players participate in are rigorous and proper nutrition is vital to play at their peak.

When the Herbalife Nutrition IMPACT Basketball Center first opened in Las Vegas, several big names in sports showed up for the occasion. Some of these people included the Tyronn Lue who used to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers as well as Patrick O’Bryant who played for both the Bostom Celtics and the Golden State Warriors. In addition, a basketball clinic was led by Joe Abunassar who was able to help 30 students train at a high level at the facility.

Sports can have a lot of benefits for children and can help improve their physical as well as their mental health. Herbalife Nutrition believes in the importance of participating in sports and is happy about being able to support such an important cause through their work. Herbalife wants to see everyone in the world healthier and most importantly happy. The company was first founded in 1980 and offers a variety of products including those for nutrition, weight loss, and personal care as well. Currently, the company employs around 8,300 and is sold around the world in at least 90 countries by independent distributors for Herbalife Nutrition. To learn more about Herbalife, visit forbes.com

Read More: https://www.bizjournals.com/losangeles/cotm/detail/1400/herbalife-nutrition


Malcolm CasSelle, a renowned Entrepreneur

Malcolm CasSelle, the founder and the creator of OPSkins, are planning to launch a newer version of blockchain platform known as the WAX abbreviated for Worldwide Asset Exchange for virtual trading of assets. Malcolm is not just the founder but also the entrepreneur of the OPSkins and the WAX president. But how does this idea come to his mind? Before becoming an entrepreneur, he served the tronc. Inc (Former Tribune Publishing) new ventures as the President and CTO.

Moreover, he was also appointed at the Digital Media Sea Change International as the chairman and the senior VP of the firm in the year 2015. As a company’s acquisition part of Timeline Labs, he also served his services as Chief Executive Officer. Before that Malcolm CasSelle entered and started a setup in the digital market that includes Xfire and Groupon’s joint ventures and MediaPass.

Malcolm CasSelle was an efficient investor who had the art of making early-stage investments in IT organizations such as Zynga, Facebook and the most important to highlight is the Bitcoin market. He has a strong IT background as he graduated from Stanford University with an MIT and master’s degree in CS. Moreover, he can converse in dual languages Japanese and Mandarin.

Malcolm CasSelle was given the responsibility of the global social network to serve as the Chief Executive Officer in the year 2012 for the core players of video games. Later in the year 2013, he joined Media Press and served as its CEO which is an online paywall solution based on the digital contents. The same year Malcolm CasSelle he worked for Timeline Labs as the co-founder who is a media tracking app company and later served as its CEO. Timeline Labs got acquired by SeaChange internationals in the year 2014 where he served as the Senior Vice President as well as the General Manager of the firm.

Later in 2016, Malcolm CasSelle was named as the president of CTO new ventures at tronc which tribune publishing firm was formerly. His services as the president of OPSkin were remarkable which made him known as a successful entrepreneur.


Dr Saad Saad Perspective on Parenting and Immunization

Being a new parent is not easy and a challenge most new parents face is when it comes to maintaining the health status of their kids. Without the necessary knowledge on how to keep your kids health, it can be hard and almost impossible for you. After his professional medical service offering for some years, even after his retirement, Dr Saad Saad was still interested in helping people out.

Currently, he offers medical advice to new parents on how they can keep their children safe from diseases and healthy. As a parent, there are many ways you can use to keep your child healthy and some of the recommended approaches you can try out as advised by Dr Saad Saad are.

Healthy Habits, Healthy Baby

First and foremost, to have a healthy and healthy baby, it all starts with the mother and some of the adopted healthy habits in her pregnancy period. Dr Saad advise to parents is, if you want to have a healthy baby or the critical step to have a healthy baby is a mother to ensure they have maintained a healthy lifestyle.

During your pregnancy, avoid any form of drugs, have a healthy diet and ensure you exercise on a regular basis. Doing this will guarantee you a healthy infant with less or no medical complications once born.

Newborns and Colds

Newborns up to six months of age have a low tendency of incurring cold, and in case any cold signs and symptoms are shown during this period, immediate care should be provided. Signs and symptoms that your child has a cold and should receive urgent attention are thick discharge, red eyes, general fussiness, and stuffy nose. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon and When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad

Whenever a child is born, in the first six months they tend to use the immune system that they inherit from their mothers before they start developing their system after the six months. This then takes us back to maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the mother during their pregnancy period.

Newborns and Meningitis

The brain and spinal cord are protected by part of the body by the name of meninges. At times we experience inflammation at the meninges which can cause discomfort preventing us from eating, sleeping or even walking well. The swelling is illness by the name of Meningitis caused by a bacteria or virus and is mostly believed to affect children.

Take a look at your infant, and once you see rapid breathing, fever, extreme sleepiness or stiff neck which are some of the symptoms of Meningitis, as advised by Dr Saad, you should seek immediate medical care for your child.

How Whitney Wolfe Sees Bumble In Next Several Years

Whitney Wolfe is expanding and taking Bumble users on a wild ride. In her recent efforts to build a better marketing campaign she highlighted a number of different people that were utilizing Bumble that were part of the New York City scene. These various Bumble users are representative of an array of different people that all came together some type of way through the Bumble platform. Some have been utilizers of the dating portion of the app. Others may have had the desire to connect with other business owners through the Bumble Bizz is portion of the app. There are a lot of different possibilities that exist when it comes to Bumble, and this is exactly how she planned it.

See more of Whitney Wolfe at Business Insider.

She did not want to put all of her eggs in one basket, so to speak. She knew that she was on to something good when it came to her dating app, but she knew that there were other things that she wanted to do as well. People can see now that she is also someone that is passionate about things like skin care. This is why she is working to eventually get connected to her own skin care product line. Whitney Wolfe is involved in a plethora of different things. She has made herself well-known.

Whitney Wolfe has made herself one of the more powerful business entities around. She has shown that there is a great amount of opportunity that exists for the type of business that she wants to create. There are no boundaries when it comes to all of the opportunities that she can explore. Some people may say that she is the young entrepreneur that may be heading a company that will soon be worth more than a billion dollars. This seems hard to believe for an executive that is still under the age of 30, but Whitney Wolfe has made a lot of great strides in a short time frame. She has not been afraid to start up a company in a competitive environment. Wolfe feels strong about her desire to expand and evolve Bumble regardless of the competitive forces.

Visit: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/queen-bee-whitney-wolfe-shows-us-around-bumbles-new-headquarters-in-austin-texas


Southridge Capital: A Reputable Investment and Brokerage Firm

Startups have been changing the business landscape in the United States, and private companies have been extending assistance to these businesses, helping them thrive. One of the most notable businesses today helping these small companies is Southridge Capital, known for their investment and brokerage services. The company’s chief executive officer, Stephen Hicks, is known for his in-depth focus on helping their client companies. He wanted to transform the small businesses into successful ones, providing them with additional clients and expanding their market. Stephen Hicks is highly admired by the employees working at Southridge Capital, because of his sense of responsibility and professionalism.



Through his efforts, Southridge Capital grew exponentially, and he also directed the company into new heights. Many businesses across the United States have set their attention to Southridge Capital after reports about their expertise in transforming businesses started to spread around the country. The company, founded in 1996, helped thousands of entrepreneurs, and they are still highly admired for the services that they offer to the business sector. Stephen Hicks believe that one of the reasons why Southridge Capital ended up becoming a successful investment firm is because of his determination in reaching his goals.



According to PR Newswire, he shared that one of the inspirations for establishing an investment firm came up when he was still working for a hedge fund headquartered in New York City. His superior decided to go to Australia and never came back to the United States. Knowing how a hedge fund works, he decided to inform his superior about his plan of establishing his own company that will partly be inspired by the hedge fund that he is working plan. His superior agreed to his proposal, and Stephen Hicks went on to build the company of his dreams. You can check out their Facebook page.



Stephen Hicks was able to establish Southridge while still working for a different company. Through the years, he had to let go of his position at the hedge fund and focused on becoming the chief executive officer of Southridge Capital. He used all of the knowledge he had in running a business and transformed the company into one of the most reputable investment firms in the country.


Click here: https://www.facebook.com/southridgellc

From An IBM Intern To A CEO Of One Of The Largest Travel Companies In The World

Guilherme Paulus is the co-founder and owner of GJP Hotels & Resorts and CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. (CVC). The former is a chain of hotels and resorts across Brazil while the latter is a travel agency with a global influence. More to that, CVC owns one of the largest ship corporations in the world. Both companies have placed Guilherme among the top world billionaire entrepreneurs.

Though the man is a globally celebrated entrepreneur, it was not always smooth for Guilherme Paulus’ journey to where he currently is. Fresh from college he began as an intern at IBM. Working in the technology company was not very interesting for Guilherme, and as soon as a new opportunity arose for him to try a new venture, he never thought twice. It was through a newspaper ad that he joined Casa Faro, a travel agency.

Guilherme Paulus was not among the folks that are forever comfortable working for an employer in a company. Vision and ambition burned on the inside of him. Paulus desired to own a touring company. As he worked at Casa Faro, he met Carlos Vincente Cerchiara who proposed a deal to form a partnership. It was at this point when he was only 24 years when CVC was born. Later, Vincente departed. Natural gift combined with his expertise and depth of study in business administration have placed Guilherme’s influence at a global level in the world of tourism.

Guilherme Paulus is usually involved in the development of his country, Brazil. He wants to share his success with others who are less disadvantage. Participation in various national projects in the tourism industry further reveals his good intent. Guilherme Paulus has also invested into the education of the youth who aim at infiltrating the tourism industry.

In one of his interviews with an international media firm, Guilherme gives his advice as a seasoned entrepreneur. He stresses that any success- oriented entrepreneur should always seek guidance from the elders. He also emphasizes that there is no successful dream without much love for it. He concludes by pointing out that one’s immeasurable love for the fulfillment of their vision is what sustains them through the numerous ordeals caused by failures.

Read more on exame.abril.com.br

Michael Phelps Teams Up With Talkspace To Raise Awareness Of Seeking Help For Mental Health

Talkspace partnered with Olympics swimmer Michael Phelps starting in May 2018. He taped a number of television ads discussing mental health and his own struggles in this regard. The point of the ads is to promote getting therapy to treat mental health issues and raise awareness. The Talkspace ads have been airing nationally on a number of cable channels.

Talking about his own depression and anxiety, Michael Phelps said that it was very difficult for him to reach out for help. He found that once he did start going to a therapist he found the experience to be one that was a source of strength rather than vulnerability. Using Talkspace he could speak to his therapist using text, web, and video depending on what worked best for what he wanted to address. He decided to share his experience with others and let them know that accessing a therapist is much easier nowadays as well as more affordable.

Talkspace was co-founded by Oren Frank. His company developed an app that lets people communicate with a therapist through it. Talkspace was founded in 2012 and can be used on mobile devices, desktops, and laptops. So far more than a million people have used the app with 70% of these people seeking therapy for the first time in their lives. These people have faced many issues they need therapy to address such as depression, personality disorders, addiction, family problems, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Earlier in 2018 Neil Leibowitz was brought on board at Talkspace. He is the chief medical officer and his hiring made it possible for the Talkspace psychiatrists to begin prescribing medicine to the people they are working with. He says that before taking the position of CMO he had been a bit skeptical because getting therapy through an app sounded very new and different. Once he learned about the app and the people working at Talkspace he became much more comfortable about the concept.

Managing Finances with Southridge Capital Management

Rich people accumulate more wealth through consistent practices of hard work ethics and entrepreneurship. In most instances, they invest the money they earn to become wealthier. In the financial market, Southridge Capital has become the beacon of light to investors. The investment group based in Connecticut specializes in private investments in public equities. Southridge Capital was founded in 1996 by Stephen Hicks, who also serves as its CEO. The company seeks investments opportunities in emerging areas both in domestic and global markets.

Southridge Capital LLC offers diversified financial assistance in direct investment and advisory services to its different pool of clients. The company is backed up with massive financial experience and an informed market structure. Southridge can deliver results based on the needs of their clients. It is recognized for investing over $1.8 billion and growing more than 250 companies since it was established. Southridge is sort after for financial analysis services and optimization of the balance sheet. They also partake in mergers and acquisition through helping to identify the appropriate business portfolio for merging companies. The company has been able to maintain the ability to formulate a working financial plan to its client. Its success is reflected by the positive results they achieve.

Stephen Hicks Interview about Southridge

Stephen M. Hicks is the CEO and founder of Southridge capital. He is responsible for setting the strategic plan of the company. Mr. Hicks has broad experience in investment banking, risk arbitrage, derivatives and financial structuring of companies. He got the idea to start Southridge capital while working at a small hedge fund in New York. Mr. Hick’s typical day involves portfolio review and searching for new investment opportunities. His financial market experience enables him to bring his investment ideas to life. Check out releasefact to know more.


According to Newswire, the current investment idea that interests Southridge Capital is cryptocurrency and pot market. Focusing on cash proceeds and daily lists from the portfolio, enable the company to be more productive in the financial market. Southridge productivity and success is facilitated through the use of Wall Street Journal, OTC markets, and Quotestream to understand the current trends in the market.