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Paul Mampilly’s success in education

Paul Mampilly has a passion for teaching. He is a retired hedge fund manager who has a goal to help the middle class man to make it in investments. He is a contributor to Bayan Hill Publishing, a publication that gives its subscribers insightful information on investments. He is the editor of Profits Unlimited, a newsletter produced by Bayan Hill.

One of the things that make Paul Mampilly’s newsletter one of the industry’s favourite is the fact that each of the 60,000 subscribers feels the trading coach’s personal touch. When writing his newsletters, Paul makes it a point to make his articles as simple as possible. He explains complex investment policies in such a way that even a firs time investor can understand. He also ensures that each article empowers the readers to do their own investing. Unlike brokers on Wall Street who give you the information then do most of the work on their own, he gives the readers the power to create their own accounts, trade on their own and track the accounts. This gives them the financial freedom they crave.

The subscribers of profits unlimited have reported good profits since their subscription. Each subscriber has his or her own story of the difference they have witnessed in their investments since they started subscribing to the newsletter. This can be credited to Mr Mampilly’s success record in trading. He has been known to have a knack of investing in stocks that go up. This saw him invest 50 million dollars that gave him 76% gain during the height of financial crisis without having to short stocks. This investment venture saw him win the won the competition the Templeton Foundation’s investment competition in 2009.

Even now, as the editor of Profits unlimited, he picks one or two of the stocks he listed and follows its trend till the end. This not only proves that the advice he gives his readers are practical but also shows the readers that it is possible to pick one stock that goes up after the other. Each month, Mr Mampilly lists a number of stocks that are profitable but only picks a few to give weekly updates on. Concerning the current crypto currency craze, he advises investors to keep off. He cannot tell when exactly but he thinks the market will crash.

Apart from offering his subscribers information on how to identify and buy stock, Paul Mampilly helps them track the stocks they have chosen. The subscribers of the newsletter have access to Paul Mampilly’s website where they can track the stocks they have picked. This helps them to use the information gained from the newsletter to pick stocks to invest in, analyse the market trends and sell at the right time. This not only grants the freedom to trade without the help of a broker but also gives them the experience they need to trade in stocks not listed on Paul’s website. His facebook page