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Rebel Wilson and Her Unique Start To Acting

Rebel Wilson has stolen the scenes in the Pitch Perfect movies and Bridesmaids, but she has also stolen even more hearts with her great sense of humor and the confidence that is evident in everything she does.

And while it may seem as if she suddenly gained fame, her journey to becoming a household name wasn’t an overnight success story.

Rebel Wilson was raised in Sydney, Australia. Contrary to how bold she is on and off-screen, she was incredibly shy as a child and did not break out of her until she reluctantly took acting classes.

But she soon realized she needed to make an effort to be more social, or risk being timid and socially awkward forever. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Isn’t Romantic Review

She attended was an All-girls high school which inspired the students to pursue their dreams. This gave Rebel Wilson the mindset that helped give her the confidence she’s known for today.

She initially wanted to study mathematics, due to being such as great student. She was a member of the Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program which sent her abroad to Africa.

While there she was infected with malaria, and subsequently had a malaria-induced dream in which she won an Academy Award. It was this hallucination of winning an Oscar when caused her to take up acting.

Rebel Wilson got started at the Australian Theater for Young People. Her initial goal was not to be a comedic actress, but she is naturally funny.

She eventually had a breakout recurring role on the Australian television show “Pizza”. She also was a member of the Australian sketch comedy show “The Wedge”.

After experiencing success in Australia, she decided to go to Hollywood. In addition to being a triple threat, Rebel Wilson is unique in many ways. She is one of the few Australian actors who came to America to pursue comedy.

While she’ll admit she does not have the ideal body of a movie star, it has never held her back. She doesn’t worry about competing with the typical leading women of Hollywood and still has became a major movie star. Because of this, she is now an empowering role model for young women of all shapes and sizes.

She became a spokesperson for the nutrition and weight loss company Jenny Craig back in 2011 and lost 22 pounds with her first year with the company. She’s even more mindful of what she eats, began exercising and has since lost 40 more pounds.

She still enjoys many of her favorite foods, but only in moderation. She supports plus women and has a launched clothing line that features plus-sized clothes at very affordable prices.

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