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Richard Mishaan Design Reveals Their Key to a Well Designed Room

When it comes to decorating the interior of your home, just how much thought are you putting into the project?  For the 45th straight years some of the best designers and architects in the world descended upon New York in order to put their personal touches on a gorgeous and elaborate townhouse. This time the townhouse was built by Charles Platt for a cool $27 million. While you won’t be designing anything that large in your life, probably, you could still use some of their helpful tips!


As it turns out there are some pretty basic design rules that men in particularly feel obliged to break. While there are no cardinal sins in the realm of interior design, designer Neal Beckstedt has a pretty common problem: “Most men don’t use color, as they think masculine spaces need to be white, black, and gray.” Beckstedt is a New York City designer who designed a French sitting room within the Platt building. Hear that men? Don’t be afraid to incorporate color the next time you are put in charge of designing a room, you’ll be better off because of it.


For him, homes are supposed to be a place where you go to be comfortable. They are supposed to be a representation of where you’ve been and who you have become. As a result, Mishaan firmly believes that you should be willing to show off some of your hidden treasures. Don’t feel like you have to hide all of those neat collectibles that you’ve gotten while traveling around the country or even the globe. Sure, sometimes they won’t match your theme but they’ll always be a great conversation starter and they’ll add personality to your room.


Richard Mishaan (http://www.richardmishaan.com/blog/category/Richard-Mishaan-Hotel-Design) has always been a fan of pushing the limit and that’s particularly important in New York City. In the Big Apple you tend to see the same trends take over block after block. Following Mishaan’s second book, ‘Artfully Modern’, you can find your way to a chic and upscale living space.


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