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Robert Deignan’s inspiration behind ATS Digital Services.

Over the years, technology has grown and become a large part of our lives. Tech has several uses among them business, technology helps in communication and has made our lives easier. It is therefore essential for consumers to have access to digital firms that help address technological issues.

Robert Deignan serves as the CEO at ATS digital services; ATS is a company involved with helping technology users all over the globe deal with issues affecting them. The company has emerged a great success mainly due to Robert’s exceptional leadership skills. Robert attained his bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University.

After completing his studies, Robert joined the employment world for about two years, before becoming an entrepreneur. His first entrepreneurial venture was Fanlink Inc, where he was a co-founder.

In a sit down with Robert Deignan, we seek to understand how Robert landed as the CEO at ATS and some of the lessons he has learned over the years in business.

The idea behind ATS digital services.

Before establishing ATS digital services, Robert worked in a software company dealing with anti-malware. He observed that the company experienced some challenges with the software. Feedback from the users helped them establish the source of the problem, and it is at this moment that Robert got the idea to start a company that would help provide solutions for technological issues.

Robert starts his usual day at around 5.15 am; he then goes to the gym for about an hour. After his work out Robert get a cup of coffee and spend approximately 30 minutes enjoying the fresh air. This helps him to plan his day as well as organize his thoughts. Once he gets to the office, Robert responds to calls as well as emails and studies the numbers form the previous day. This helps him to stay on track and be aware of all that is happening around him.

Robert Deignan enjoys nature and says nature helps him to bring his ideas to life, once he has a plan he needs to spend time away from any gadgets, takes notes as he enjoys a cup of coffee.