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Sawyer Howitt’s Picks Of Great Cities For Millennials

Millennials are taking over the world. With the ever-changing technology of today millennials are becoming entrepreneurs more than ever before. All around nice guy and business-savvy millennial businessman Sawyer Howitt gives us the lowdown on the best cities for this dynamic and business-minded group of young people.

It’s not surprising that four of these cities are located in California. Palo Alto’s Stanford University occupies some of the most brilliant innovators. This city’s median household income is just shy of $150,000, far larger than most areas. People are high educated and go there to become multi-billionaires. They unemployment rate is just 2.6 percent. Yorba Linda is the next flourishing city on the map, and one of the richest cities in America. 83 percent of residents own their home and the median income is above $121,000. Santa Monica has 23,000 successful startup businesses, and 2/3 of them are women. Last, but not least is San Francisco with 45 percent of residents have at least a Bachelor’s degree. It is one of the biggest business capitals of the country and is home of a lot of great technology based businesses.

Austin, Texas’s population is 1/5 millennials. The percent of business loans per person is encouraging to say the least. Salt Lake City is a clean and affordable city for young people. Residents are very motivated to fund young people’s businesses, making it an attraction for young entrepreneurs.

Sawyer Howitt is an up and coming young entrepreneur and philanthropist. He works at his father’s company Meriwether Group as a Project Manager. They are a business development service based in Portland, Oregon. His role is to help companies adapt to technology, in a world where it is always changing.

Sawyer Howitt has the knowledge and ability to know what a business needs to grow when it comes to finances and daily operations. He is business-savvy and also has directed a number of philanthropic causes like women’s rights, the mentoring of youth, and is leading of international ethnic study group. He is planning to attend the University of California, Berkeley in the fall of 2017. He plans on graduating from their Entrepreneurial Finance degree program in four years.