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Securus Lets Us Files Grievances Online

Securus does a lot for prisoners and their families. They are the video calling service that people use every day to get in touch, but they are also the company that has all the grievance forms and other paperwork online for prisoners and their families. There are some people who have things to say to the people who run the jails, but they have to do it in an official manner.

The official forms that are needed have to be used online through Securus, and it makes life much easier for us. We have things that we want to make known to the jail, and we have never been able to talk to them until now. We have all the forms right there for us to use, and we actually reach out often because we have been told that the jail wants to hear from us.

Securus got the contract for these forms with all the jails because they want to be helpful to inmates and their families, and I have actually asked a family member about what they want to say. They tell me what they think needs to go on the form, and I fill them out online. This is a service I have done for my cousins more than once, and I am going to keep doing it until they are no longer in jail. The least I can do is make their experience better so that they are not constantly in trouble.

Jail can be a scary place if people think that they cannot bring up complaints about what is going on in the jail.


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  • Benson Kuyt January 15, 2017 at 8:07 am

    I think that we have found the only way to be a great help to my cousins, but I know it works. The forms get sent straight to the jail from Securus, and I hear back from them fast. The very real truth is that rushan essay would have avoided these things if it was possible to make sure all these work out.

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