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Securus Technologies Gives Families New Options for Visitation

Securus Technologies is undoubtedly changing the way that people communicate when it comes to prison technology. I think that this company is going to make it much more convenient for people to stay connected even if they are far away. This communication system has become incredibly popular because it brings for a whole new wave of technology-based video visitation communication options.


When I was growing up this was not something that was available when I was trying to visit my father who was incarcerated. Any time that we had a chance to visit him it would always be through a physical visit. It is true that I enjoy this type of visitation, but it became a hindrance when he was moved to another facility that was much farther away. A lot of time that was spent with previously spent visiting would be replaced by letters for communicating instead. It became too much of a burden for my mother to engage in regular visits with my father this way. That is why I have embraced the new technology that has been created by Securus Technologies.


This company has managed to take a complex scenario and make it very simple by allowing people to conduct video visits through their phones and their iPads. I definitely think that this is beneficial to this new generation of young people that may have family members that are locked away. I certainly believe that it serves as a true testament for just how far that technology has come.


I think that it is easy to make excuses about communicating, but Securus Technologies is a company that is breaking down all the walls. People do not have the luxury of making an excuse anymore because Securus Technologies has literally brought video visitation right to their front door.



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  • Sandra Jaime October 29, 2017 at 7:25 pm

    With software and services provided by Securus Technologies it’s becoming ever possible to communicate with prisoners. It is also a reality that Essay Mama offer affordable audio and video calling options so that communicating with your friends and loved ones in prisons can be easier.

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