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Southridge Capital: A Reputable Investment and Brokerage Firm

Startups have been changing the business landscape in the United States, and private companies have been extending assistance to these businesses, helping them thrive. One of the most notable businesses today helping these small companies is Southridge Capital, known for their investment and brokerage services. The company’s chief executive officer, Stephen Hicks, is known for his in-depth focus on helping their client companies. He wanted to transform the small businesses into successful ones, providing them with additional clients and expanding their market. Stephen Hicks is highly admired by the employees working at Southridge Capital, because of his sense of responsibility and professionalism.



Through his efforts, Southridge Capital grew exponentially, and he also directed the company into new heights. Many businesses across the United States have set their attention to Southridge Capital after reports about their expertise in transforming businesses started to spread around the country. The company, founded in 1996, helped thousands of entrepreneurs, and they are still highly admired for the services that they offer to the business sector. Stephen Hicks believe that one of the reasons why Southridge Capital ended up becoming a successful investment firm is because of his determination in reaching his goals.



According to PR Newswire, he shared that one of the inspirations for establishing an investment firm came up when he was still working for a hedge fund headquartered in New York City. His superior decided to go to Australia and never came back to the United States. Knowing how a hedge fund works, he decided to inform his superior about his plan of establishing his own company that will partly be inspired by the hedge fund that he is working plan. His superior agreed to his proposal, and Stephen Hicks went on to build the company of his dreams. You can check out their Facebook page.



Stephen Hicks was able to establish Southridge while still working for a different company. Through the years, he had to let go of his position at the hedge fund and focused on becoming the chief executive officer of Southridge Capital. He used all of the knowledge he had in running a business and transformed the company into one of the most reputable investment firms in the country.


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