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Success Academy Improves Children’s Testing Scores

Many schools in New York City are struggling with the scores that their students have to be able to pass the tests that they are doing. This is something that the schools are consistently working to fight and something that they have not been able to do because of the problems that come along with the experiences that each of these schools have. As the schools have grown and the areas have gotten busier, this is something that has only gotten worse. Success Academy, a public charter school in New York, has been able to battle this and they have been able to make things better for all of the students who they work with. It is something that has given them the chance to try new things and something that has also allowed them the opportunity that they need to be able to succeed through the different parts of their schooling career.


Success Academy does this in many different ways. First, they require the children to go to school for a longer period of time. They also require their students to wear uniforms so that they will feel like they are in a professional position while they are in school. This has all led to the school being more successful and the students feeling like they are better prepared for all of the different things that might happen in their own school career. They also give students more opportunities by allowing them to learn in a way that is familiar to them instead of making all of the students learn in the same environment.


For Success Academy, there are many options that students have for learning. They can choose to do different things and they can learn in a way that is all their own. Even when children are in the lower grades, they will be allowed to learn in a way that doesn’t even feel like learning to them. By exploring the world around them in the classroom, they can find out what they need to know and can become experienced with all of the different things that are close to them.