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The Bradesco Bank CEO To Elect A Successor In 2018

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the large Bradesco Bank in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The establishment is almost 90 years old, and Mr. Luiz Carlos had been working there for almost 40 years. He was chosen as the successor of the former Chairman and CEO of the banking establishment. Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao had been holding the two position for decades, but he decided to retire last year as he had just turned 91 years of age. While he will not be serving on challenging positions in leadership, Mr. Lazaro Brandao will continue to operate several smaller companies, owned by the Bradesco Bank.

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has to choose assessor in a few months. The Bradesco Bank had extended its age limit from 65 to 67 back in 2016. That allowed Mr. Carlos Trabuco Cappi to remain at the position a few additional years. He will be choosing his successor from the directors and executives just like Mr. Lazaro de Mello Branda had made his choice from the Bradesco Bank pool of talent. The top contenders to succeed Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi are Alexandre Gluher, Josue Pancini, Marcelo Noronha, Andre Cano, and Octavio de Lazari.

Each of these gentlemen is working in a different part of the Bradesco Bank, has a diverse set of skills and has established themselves over the years. Alexandre Guhler is working in Investor Relations. He had a crucial role in the acquisition of the HSBC which is the most significant acquisition of the Bradesco Bank. Josue Pancini leads the Agency Network, while Marcelo Noronha and Octavio de Lazari work in Investment and Insurance, respectively. Andre Cano is of the bank’s Human Resources.

Currently, at the age of 66, Mr. Luiz Carlos Cappi has been at the Bradesco bank since he was 17 The young clerk las promoted to Marketing Director after 15 years of working at a different position and from then on his career at the bank truly started taking off. He achieved many improvements in terms of communication with Brazilian media. After eight years at the post, Mr. Luiz was promoted. He became the Chief Executive Officer of a subsidiary of the Bradesco Bank working in pensions. As the CEO of the company, he managed to enhance the company and amass many useful skills that helped him later on when he was a leader of the Bradesco Bank.

Next, Mr. Luiz Trabuco Cappi was the Managing Director of the bank, and only a year later he became the Executive Vice President of the large establishment. From then on, Mr. Luiz Carlos started getting many more responsibilities. In 20089, he was appointed to the post of President, and in 2015 he was instrumental in the acquisition of the HSBC. That business deal went down in the history of the Bradesco Bank as the most challenging yet rewarding acquisition they had ever achieved.

Mr. Cappi was also successfully leading some of the projects toward the establishment of Unibrad. The institution provides education for the future employees of the Bradesco Bank. Many of the future executives of the bank have gained their knowledge at the Unibrad. The institution was acknowledged as the top of its kind in the world in 2017.

In 20187, Mr. Cappi reached the highest peak of his career at the Bradesco Bank Mr. Lazaro de Mello Brandao elected him to be his successor among several other Bradesco executives. The many responsibilities and decades of work at the bank had paid off with the highest positions an executive could have.

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