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The DeVoses’ Place High Priority On Education Reform

Well known philanthropist Dick and Betsy DeVos have long received attention for their political affiliations and donations. As strong supporters of the republican party, the generous duo have made countless contributions to their cause, resulting in quite a bit of criticism. Though the light seems to shine bright in the area of political donations, there is an area that deserves much more attention. Aside from the couple’s strong support of the republican party, they have a significant amount of compassion for those in need. Together they have given more than $139 million in charitable donations, and has even landed a spot on Forbes’ “America’s Top Givers” list. Making it a family affair, both the DeVoses’ children and their grandfather, Rich DeVos, also made substantial charitable donations, totaling more than $104 million over the last few years.


Using their love for education as fuel, the dynamic duo set aside over $3 million for the cause. A reported 26% of charitable donations from the DeVoses’ are in support of education reform. Their belief is that all children are not afforded equal educational opportunities sparked the desire in them both, to change the world of education, making it accessible for all children. Their hope is to improve the system for educators, so that they are better able to effectively reach each child. Through their donations and contributions, they hope to achieve this goal.


Aside from their selfless efforts in reforming education, the DeVoses’ have also dedicated themselves to both promoting and encouraging diversity through Arts and Cultural exploration. In 2015 more than 20% of their charitable donations went towards arts management and arts organizations. While the DeVoses’ continue to receive criticism for their political affiliations, they are unwavering in their philanthropic contributions. Holding true to their values on family and education, they are determined to enhance the quality of life for those all over.

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