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Thirst for Change for George Soros

Everyone around the world has a desire to see change. Such one-of-a-kind man is George Soros. He has been desiring to see change in the political and leadership landscape. Through his Open Society Foundations, George Soros has been able to impact the world and still support different political spirants. The latest in the list is Hillary Clinton. The billionaire is said to have spent over $25 million to help boost the candidature of Hilary Clinton. Soros is also remembered for his immense support of $27 million in the 2004 elections. Therefore, his support for Clinton on Forbes is not new but a sure sign of his deep commitment to see change in the world.

As a political philanthropist, George Soros has been passionate about the public interest. His contribution in the election period saw him attended Democratic convention for the first time as a way of showing solidarity to the party and the preferred presidential candidate Hilary Clinton. The billionaire has a 25 year friendship with Hilary Clinton. His political adviser also noted his exceptional support on Politico to the Democratic courses unlike in other years. This is because of the amount of money he committed to boost Hilary Clinton’s candidature and other aspirants in the Democratic Party.

Why Support Change

George Soros who is an 85 year old Hungarian-American business magnate has reasons why he supports change in the leadership of a country. He has been supporting change due to unresolved issues such as immigration reforms and criminal justice reforms. His desire to see a country that has effective structures in criminal justice reforms makes him even the more, ready to offer his contribution in the election. George Soros is also passionate about religious tolerance. Soros has also been known to be a catalyst of other political donors due to his prudent influence in making donations.

The support of Soros has been focused on fighting hate crimes on opensocietyfoundations.org. He is passionate about seeing a peaceful nation where people can live freely. He thus empowers the civil rights organizations who direct their efforts in tracking hate crimes and preventing violence. Therefore, his endeavors have been hailed due to the peaceful coexistence it will create amongst all Americans.

Response to Election Outcome

The election of Donald Trump was considered a shock by many people. The support given by George Soros, however, did not go down the drain. His response after the election of Donald Trump was that he is passionate of supporting change and democracy around the world. Therefore, he did not support Clinton out of ill motives. The response has been to the people who felt he funded the demonstrations which emerged right after Donald Trump was announced as the president elect.

Soros and other high profile political donors responded to the election of Donald Trump by organizing a 3 day meeting in Washington. The meeting that was held behind closed doors was graced by members of Democratic Alliance, which was formed by George Soros. The focus of Soros and his other liberals is to create a progressive vision, which will eventually lead to a just nation where people can share resources equitably and even live peacefully.


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