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Three Strategies That Made It Possible For EOS Lip Balm Take Over The Market In Less Than A Decade

Evolution of Smooth, EOS, is the company that produces and sells the EOS lip balm. Though it entered the beauty market seven years ago; the EOS lip balm has grown to be the country’s second largest firm in the niche, after Burt Bees. Currently, it sells a million units weekly. Here are three factors that made this startup company rise rapidly in the market in less than a decade.

  1. Human-oriented design.

After learning from a Wal-Mart research that more women than men use lip balms, they chose to design for women. The women said they needed something they could easily retrieve from their purses. The orb shape of the EOS lip balm was, therefore, to distinguish it from the other objects commonly carried in a purse. Most importantly, women did not find pleasure in applying lip balms. So the EOS lip balm was designed to satisfy the senses by adding smells, colors, flavors, clicking sounds (when being closed) and shape.

  1. Investing in their Machinery

EOS Company decided to invest in their machinery. The three starters figured out that not depending on third party manufacturers would allow them to scale up quickly. They managed to build an almost entirely automated production facility. Besides, becoming more competitive, the company also succeeded in meeting the demands of their new customers quickly.

  1. The proper target group and marketing style

The EOS lip balm chose the style conscious millennial women as their targeted customers. They then employed the influencer marketing technique besides other traditional ways to reach out to them. They sought reviews from beauty bloggers on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram and endorsements by millennial celebrities. Today it has nearly 9 million followers on the social platform. For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.