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Villains of Anime: Who’s the Most Evil?


Anime gives us the chance to escape within different worlds for as long or as short as we want. Some anime make this a light hearted, comical, and fun experience. Other anime will try to wear you down with its dark and dreary tone. While we all know that Goku is the biggest hero in the world of anime, we can’t all agree on who the biggest villain is. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Listed below you’ll find our three greatest anime villains!


Frieza – Dragonball Z

Perhaps it was the time in our life, being that DBZ was our first popular anime, but Frieza has to exist near the top of our list. Frieza came to fame in Dragonball Z as one of Goku’s biggest first tests. Frieza was the first villain to really make us think, “Oh no — Goku can’t get it done.”


Johan Liebert – Monster

If you like your villains to be chillingly realistic then there is nobody better (or worse) than Johan Liebert. Liebert is the star villain in ‘Monster’ and one of the most fleshed out baddies of all time. Johan doesn’t have superpowers in the traditional sense. He’s charismatic, intelligent, and completely sociopathic. He’s able to get people to murder and die for him. He’s a realistic monster and that’s horrifying.


Light – Death Note

Sometimes the best dark anime villains are the ones we know most intimately. Light is the lead villain in ‘Death Note’ and he is definitely one of the darkest characters we’ve ever watched. He’s able to kill with the flick of his wrist and he’s absolutely convinced he’s doing it for the right reason.


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