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Waiakea Water Brand is Derived from a Natural Source

Strange as this might sound, not all bottled water comes from a pure source. As a matter of fact, some bottled water companies actually get their water from their local community’s water system. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be misleading. Most people wrongly assume that bottled water comes from a superior water source. Once again, this is not the truth.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a water brand that comes from an all-natural source. It is derived from a volcano that receives rain for well over 300 days within a year. The water constantly streams down the side of the mountain. It flows over volcanic rock during its descent to the base area. Right before this water reaches the lowest point of the mountain; it is captured, purified and bottled. This is what Waiakea offers to the public. Fresh tasting and purified water from a natural source.

The owner Ryan Emmons realized early on that the water from this volcanic source would be beneficial to people. People who drink this water will immediately recognize its natural flavor. He never wanted to change the taste and having a natural water source is truly an advantage for his company.

Emmons company is now a profitable organization. People understand that Waiakea represents quality. This fresh tasting water is received in many states across the nation and it is also popular in the Pacific region and even in Africa where Waiakea offers his product to people in need. The beneficial health benefits of Waiakea are hard to beat.

Remembers that Waiakea’s water brand has a naturally balanced pH level which simply means that it will not cause acid related problems in your body. The water is also loaded with minerals which can provide a person’s body with the right nutrition while it hydrates them. The water also has a natural taste since it undergoes a purifying process that helps to retain its great flavor. Waiakea comes from a natural source and this makes this water brand to stand out from the rest.