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Which Mistakes to Avoid When You Install Wainscoting in Your Home

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More than a century after they were first used, wall panel wainscoting solutions are still excellent interior ideas. The intention today is not so much to insulate and protect walls – although wainscots serve such purposes too. The main idea is to decorate walls and give an architectural interest. So, wainscoting must be installed properly. If not, your intentions are canceled.

What’s tricky here is that you must pay attention to what you choose and how you proceed even before wainscoting installation. Although you can now find ready-to-install wainscoting panels, you must remember that nothing is easy with such tasks.

Wainscoting installation: 6 mistakes to avoid 


  • Buying any panel off the shelf

You think any modern wainscoting will look good on your wall. Scratch that out. There are different things to consider before you buy a new panel.

There is a reason why there are wood, MDF, PVC or even metal panels on the market. Each one serves a different purpose – and not just aesthetically. Yes, the material will define the room’s style. But how about resistance? Will you want an MDF wall panel in your bathroom?

The point is to fulfill your wall decoration dreams without taking chances. And with an unsuitable panel in a wet environment, you will be taking chances should there is a water damage.

And then it has to do with style. A classic wainscoting in a contemporary house might look as if it doesn’t belong there – out of place. 




  • Forgetting the size issue

The size of your flat panel depends mainly on ceiling height. The safest way to get the right size is to measure the wall and divide it by three. That’s if you want 1/3 wall panels. But it the wall is extra high, you might cover half the wall or go ahead and cover the entire wall. The size issue is often overlooked or mistakes are made. The problem is that an oversized board might make the room look stuffy. Interior designers recommend keeping the wainscoting height rather lower instead of higher on the wall.

  • Missing to identify construction particularities

Don’t forget that no matter which wainscoting you choose, it’s going to follow the path of your wall horizontally. And it might come across obstructions. Not all rooms are structured the same way. There might be a couple of stairs, windows, columns, or uneven parts. And that brings us to another common mistake many people do.

  • Measuring right

Before you go out shopping for a new raised panel wainscoting, you must measure well the room. You must know the width and length but also write down any particularities – semi-columns, windows, etc. In other words, you must have a thorough layout of the room in order to find the right wainscoting. If you plan to cut the boards on your own, pay attention to details. You will need to cut the boards at corners, doors, etc.




  • Considering the baseboard and chair rail

Don’t forget that the traditional way to install a beadboard would include a chair rail. The size of these trims is important too. So, when you measure the wall and hence the panel, don’t forget to include these moldings to your calculations. Alex Mouldings offered modern wainscoting designs that can be perfect with your home interior.

  • Forgetting to end the molding properly

And then it’s the question of how to end the molding. People often make a mistake when the board along with the chair rail end to a door casing. They often cover it canceling the purpose of having a door casing in the first place. Your wall boards must end before the door casing in order for both the walls and openings to look swell.

  • Which other problems you might encounter? 

If there is already a beadboard wainscoting installed, you must remove it. This is not easy to do. You will need proper tools and plenty of patience so that you won’t ruin the wall.

And then you must prepare the wall before you install a new wainscot. You must make marks in order to install every single piece of board – from baseboards and shoe moldings to the actual panel and the chair rail.

If you want to install a shaker or another wainscoting profile alone, you must be very precise in your measurements and cutting but also careful when choosing the new panels. Don’t forget that there is always the option of getting a pro to do the job for you and offer consultation.

Since wainscots are great wall décor add-ons, you want the task to succeed. And more often than not, we should leave such job to the experts. In either case, you should devote some time to take the right decisions in order to have elegant and long lasting results.


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