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Why Correctional Facilities are Praising Securus Technologies

If you’re involved in any aspect of law enforcement, you will undoubtedly appreciate the services that Securus Technologies provides. If you’re unfamiliar with Securus Technologies, it is a prison technology company that has expanded their business portfolio to include services like video conferencing, payment processing, information technology, data analytics, and much more. In fact, according to an article in PR Newswire, Securus Technologies’ CEO, Richard Smith states that the company routinely looks for ways to develop, and bring to market, new products that will aid law enforcement and correctional facilities. To date, the company has invested over $600 million in research and development to create products and services that promote efficiency, increases safety, and reinforced security.


Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies is a privately held company with a workforce of nearly 5,000 employees, all working collectively to provide services to the company’s 3,000 public safety, law enforcement, and correction agencies. Additionally, Securus Technologies provides communication technology services to over 1 million inmates throughout North America, which includes mobile calling services through the company’s wireless containment solutions.


Securus Technologies has gained a reputation as a leader in several key areas including corrections, investigation protocols, calling services, and most recently, payment processing, after acquiring Jpay Inc. Securus Technologies has made such an impact in law enforcement and corrections, that many of their customers have publicly thanked them for streamlining their workflow and making their facilities safer.


So what are people saying about Securus Technologies? Well, one correctional facility credited Securus Technologies’ monitoring service with helping to terminate episodic events, involving drug activity and alcohol consumption amongst prisoners. A second correctional facility credited Securus Technologies’ monitoring services with being able to gather information that could be used to solve a shooting case. The correction facility states that while monitoring an inmate’s phone call, the inmate was heard providing information that suggested his involvement in the case; the information was passed on to prosecutors.