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Why Join The Lightspeed Partnership Venture And Why now?

After co-founding #ANGEL, an investment and mentorship platform centered on the social and economic empowerment of women, Jana Messerschmidt has backed up over fifty bold startups across a wide range of industries. Ms. Messerschmidt uses her skills and experience acquired during her career while working with some of the most competitive social media businesses in the world. She worked with Netflix in the early years of her career and later joined Twitter, the most effective and fastest means of communication in the 21st century, among others. From these businesses, Ms. Messerschmidt has learned a lot in the partnership management department among other transactions, that are important for startups to understand and utilize to ensure their sustenance. Among the things that most beginners in the entrepreneurship business lack, is capital to take off. This is why investment firms like Lightspeed partnership venture are important for the minority and the under-advantaged to achieve their dreams.

Why Lightspeed?

Before the Jana Lightspeed investment partnership was established, Jana Messerschmidt had already embarked on a journey of mentorship and financing startups, with over fifty successful startups like Cameo, Winnie, and EERO under her belt. Lightspeed and also been involved in the establishment and growth of tech companies like Snap, SnitchFix, and Mulesoft among others. These made the two very compatible in terms of ideas and experience in the investment. The investment venture, Jana, is also geared towards impactful investment rather than excessive return on investment. Among other reasons that made Jana Messerschmidt join the Lightspeed partnership venture is their team structure that includes the investor, actively, in the investment process and the chance to continue her mentorship programs. This Jana Lightspeed partnership is aimed and extending the investment platform to include advisory and mentoring of young entrepreneurs.

Why Is The Jana Lightspeed Partnership Important Now?

The best answer to that would be another question. Why not now? There is more than enough resources as well as more than enough eager entrepreneurs with bold ideas. The market is ripe for investment.

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