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Wild Ark – Protecting Nature and Inspiring Others To Conserve Beauty of Mother Earth

There is no doubt about the fact that our world is transforming heaps and bounds as we move ahead. Evolution is happening in every aspect of human existence, whether in the form of new advancement in the world of technology to learning new things about the world we live in or reaching Mars. However, we are moving ahead at the expense of compromising the nature, the environment, and Mother Earth. People are so busy in their lives to earn their bread and butter that they have forgotten to take care of the planet we live in. It is because of this, conservationists exist.



And, since the wild and untouched beauty of the planet is shrinking with every passing day due to modernization, people are looking for travel destinations that help them connect with nature as it was meant to be. And, it is because of this the trend of Eco-tourism is catching up with the people. There are many eco-tourism destinations across the world where people interested in nature and looking to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life to enjoy quiet time with nature can visit.



When it comes to eco-tourism, the first country that comes to mind is Costa Rica because it has a very well-protected and conserved rainforest in the country, almost untouched by human civilization. The country’s one-fourth portion of Costa Rick is a forest. The country apart from adventurous forests is also blessed with numerous beaches because of its long coastline on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Norway is also one of the countries that are popular among the eco-tourism enthusiasts as even though the country does not have extensive stretches of forest, the culture is highly inclined toward being eco-friendly and living sustainably. Kenya is popular among the eco-tourists as it has large stretches of grassland blessed with wildlife, which is always the perfect combination to ensure revisits from the tourists.



Wild Ark is one of the eco-tourism firms operating in the United States with the same focus on conservation and nature’s protection. The organization tries to identify stretches of green areas across the globe and make an effort to preserve it. The firm also helps the tourists interested in eco-tourism and nature’s conservation to experience tourism in the lap of nature.


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